Holidays to Greece It's Not Just the Islands

Holidays to Greece: It’s Not Just the Islands

Holidays in Greece are synonymous with islands, beaches, fun and entertainment, but there is more to it than just the islands. Greece boasts of intriguing and twisted history, rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisines.

Greece is a true paradise for cultural tourism; it offers the discerning traveler the opportunity to delve into the arts and history of Greece. Traces of ancient and important parts of history are still etched on every corner of Greek land. Precious findings from the prehistoric and archaic periods, exceptional works from the medieval, Hellenistic, Classical and Byzantine monuments, creations from folk art cultures and traces of past civilizations all co-exist in harmony with current creations.

Archeological sites such as Delphi, Knossos the signature Acropolis of Athena’s and Olympia are of the most famed sites in Greece; some are even more recognizable as you may have seen them on brochures. Delphi may have in the past been considered as the center of the earth and once you visit this place you will be intrigued by its mysterious sense of sacred character that resonates from the presence of the ancient oracle. Knossos on the other hand reveals the ancient Palace of the Minoan civilization whilst climbing the rock of Acropolis in Athens will enchant you with its architectural masterpieces such as the temple of Athena amongst other awe inspiring structures. Olympia is also not left behind as it was built to commemorate the Olympic Games and still attracts many travelers to explore its ancient beauty.

Religion has been part and parcel of humankind as far as anyone can remember and Greece is a fantastic destination to explore religious centers and also take part in religious festivities. Greeks as well as visitors are stunned by Greece’s majestic churches of the Byzantine era, numerous rural churches and metochia, sacred places ideal for pilgrimage and awe inspiring religious sites. The sites are varied and diverse each representing a special era and various dogmas and religions and they all co-exist in a state of ongoing dialogue which highlight the unique historic and cultural mosaic of Greece.

Some of Greece’s most attractive religious centers include the monastic community of Mount Athos, the monasteries of Mateora and the Cave of Apocalypse. Who can forget Patmos where the Saint John saw the end time visions? Such sites with their divine immanence and their representation of a force beyond human understanding have led to expressions of religious sentiments over the centuries and still attract pilgrims from all over the world.

Greece offers you more than just island experiences, the Greece gastronomy has recorded a history of over 4000 years and features specialties found on the islands. In fact the first ever cook book boasts of roots from Greece. The best way to experience the culture is taste the delicacies associated with such a place. As you take a gastronomic tour of Greek you will discover that there is more than just the ‘moussaka,’ ‘souvlaki’ and ‘choriatiki’ (Greek Salad) as you taste more worthwhile dishes.

Holidays to Greece It's Not Just the Islands


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