Concatedral de San Nicolás el Magno

Top Tourist Attractions In Rionegro

Don’t hesitate to discover the top tourist attractions in Rionegro when you find yourself with idle time in Colombia. Sure, it may not be as popular as other cities like Cartagena and Bogota but it still can satisfy your craving for fun and adventure. This town belongs to the region of Antioquia, on the eastern portion, and it is named about the Negro River, which is its most prominent landmark. It is also known as the Cradle of democracy as it became a primary setting for Colombia’s federal rebellion. And as a fun fact, it is also where the country’s 1863 constitution was penned.

Concatedral de San Nicolás el Magno

Concatedral de San Nicolás el Magno

Now, it should be noted that the municipality the city is located in the central mountain range of the Andes. As such, people can expect the top tourist attractions in Rionegro to involve a lot of outdoor highlights. There are boat tours held on Rio Negro if you’re interested to spend a relaxing day exploring its banks. And you could also involve yourself in swimming and kayaking if you wish. Of course, hiking and climbing is also an option in the area, if you are natural adventure junkie. And you could also rent yourself a horse so you could go horseback riding through trails.

If that does not float your boat, you could just stick to the city and visit popular architectural masterpieces like the Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Great or the Church of San Antonio de Pereira. The first point of interest is actually one of the most popular religious infrastructures in town, sporting a neoclassical design, and influenced by multiple architects in different time frames. In addition to those mentioned, it’s also worthwhile to check out the Church of San Francisco, the Church of Jesus of Nazareth and the Church of Our Lady of Chiquinguira so you’d have a complete orientation to Rionegra’s religious landscape.

To expound your list of top tourist attractions in Rionegro, you could also visit the different parks in the city, namely, Main La Libertad, Tutucan, Bears Comfama Rio Negro, and Parque San Antonio de Pereira. This should enable you to develop an appreciation for local flora without having to get down and dirty. The perfect complement to this would be a tour of historically relevant places like Casa de la Meastranza, the Historical Archives of Rio Negro and the Palace of Culture Ricardo Rendon as they would complete your immersion in local heritage. And you can end it all with a shopping spree at St. Nicholas Shopping Center.


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