Sunset over Cartagena Harbor

Top Tourist Attractions In La Boquilla

The top tourist attractions in La Boquilla are underrated compared to other attractions in Cartagena, but they’re still worth checking out.  This quaint fishing village may be poverty stricken, but the people are friendly and will gladly help out a tourist make his way to some of the interesting spots in town.

Sunset over Cartagena Harbor

Sunset over Cartagena Harbor

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in La Boquilla:

Beach.  In La Boquilla, there’s a long stretch of fine, warm sands and clear waters which attract a great deal of visitors from Cartagena and around the world.  It’s a great place to swim, catch some snooze and relaxation under the sun, or enjoy water sports and activities.

Compared to the other beaches in Cartagena, La Boquilla’s beach is long and can accommodate thousands of people, even during peak season.  So whether you’re going to La Boquilla during the peak season or off season, you are guaranteed a wide space for you to spread your picnic blanket to enjoy a day at the beach.

There are also restaurants, and thatched roof bars where you can enjoy a delectable meal of seafood, or a bottle of beer while you watch the sky turn crimson and purple during sunset.

Swamp.  Right at the eastern tip of the town lies dugout canoes lining up the shore of the swamp in the other side, one of the top tourist attractions in La Boquilla.  For a small fee, a local can take you on a tour through the labyrinthine mangrove swamp, where you end up in a beautiful lake with some of the rarest birds you’ll ever see in your whole life.  An added bonus is observing the local fishermen throw their nets into the waters of the lake to catch fish for their livelihood.

Golf Courses.  You’d be surprised to know that there are nearby golf courses in La Boquilla.  Just ask a local how to get there.  They’d be happy to give you the directions, or even take you there.

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