Top Tourist Attractions In Villa de Santa Bárbara de Arauca

Despite the armed conflicts in the Arauca department, the charms of the top tourist attractions in Villa de Santa Barbara de Arauca (or Arauca City) hasn’t worn off and has continued to lure the bravest of travellers.  Located along the River Arauca on the Venezuelan border, Villa de Santa Barbara de Arauca is one of the largest municipalities in the Orinoco region.  It is also home to some of the most interesting and breath taking tourist destinations in Colombia.



To name a few, here are some of the most notable top tourist attractions in Villa de Santa Barbara de Arauca.

Jose Antonio Paez Bridge

Built in the late 1960’s, this bridge in Arauca was built for the mere purpose of allowing ease of transportation of crude oil between Venezuela and Colombia.  From the bridge, you’ll be treated to the spectacular view of the Araucan plains as well as the Arauca River, especially when the sun is setting.

The Malecon Uptown

The Malecon uptown is located near the border separating Arauca and Venezuela.  From here, you can see the little islands where the Guahibo tribe lives, by treading the thriving Arauco path.  The place was renovated in 2002 to improve its facilities.

Aguaparque las toninas

For a safer way to beat the summer heat, Arauca’s famous Aguaparque las toninas is a good place to hang out.  The resort has something for every member of the family:  Olympic sized swimming pools, slides and children’s pools.  Water games and competitions are sometimes held here.

Aguaparque las toninas is located five minutes away from Villa de Santa Barbara de Aruaca via Piquetierra.


Aside from being the main and most important source of crude oil in Arauca, Saravena is also home to some of the top tourist attractions in Villa de Santa Barbara de Arauca, such as the Bojada beaches and Sun Valley.

Villa de Santa Barbara de Arauca itself

Take a walk around the city proper itself and you’ll find some of the most interesting museums and landmarks, showcasing the city’s cultural and historical heritage.  Among the notable landmarks in the city are Park of the Poets, Museum of Culture, and the Velodrome.

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