Center Bucaramanga, Santander park and building the Triad.

Top Tourist Attractions in Santander

A planned visit to Colombia would be more gratifying if you come to explore the top tourist attractions in Santander. Santander, whose capital city is Bucaramanga, is a subdivision of Colombia which got its name from one of the primary states of Colombia’s United States. It can be found on the northern core of the country, to the east of Magdalena River, bounded to the south and southeast by Boyoca, to the north by Cesar Department and to the west by Bolivar and Antioquia Departments.

Center Bucaramanga, Santander park and building the Triad.

Center Bucaramanga, Santander park and building the Triad.

Playa de Belen is minute yet a picturesque village to visit in the north of Santander. It is a nice place to experience serenity, comfort and adventure at the same time. Each of the houses in Playa de Belen is colored white emanating a grand colonial charisma. What chiefly catches the attention of many to this township is just to wander around, chill out and savor the laidback way of life in this place. In spite of being the ‘Peoples’ Heritage’, Playa de Belen is one of the safest places to visit in Colombia so it is truly a perfect escape to reflect and experience the customs and traditions of the place with complete peace of mind.

Parque Natural Los Estoraques is one of the must-see top tourist attractions in Santander. It is one of Colombia’s smallest yet well-preserved parks which boast of its sky-scraping crag-like rocks that are so majestic and pleasing to the eyes. The sought-after park is just 200 metres from Playa de Belen thus making it accessible for a lot of travelers. What’s more is that trekking into the mountain scopes in close proximity is not too challenging thus anyone can do the climb and be rewarded by the marvelous panoramic sights of Santander.

If you’re the type who has the passion for extreme adventure then San Gil, being one of the top tourist attractions in Santander, is a must discover for you. It offers a lot of outdoor activities to choose from ranging from hiking, caving, kayaking and its most sought-after sport which is water rafting. Among all activities rafting is thought of as the most memorable one. The adventure usually takes about two and half hours of intense adrenaline escapade yet is assured to be free from harm with the company of rafting specialists. Be prepared for an ultimate ride in South America as you also bear witness to the captivating view of the mountains encompassing you during your rough ride.


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