San Agustin Archeological Park in Huila

Top Tourist Attractions In San Agustin

Famous for its prehistoric monoliths and archaeological spots, the top tourist attractions in San Agustin will never fall short of your expectations. San Agustin is a little settlement nestled in southern Colombia’s department of Huila, with a distance of around 230 kilometres from the department’s capital city Neiva. After San Agustin’s archaeological sites were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, tourists were drawn towards visiting the place in turn boosting its tourism.

San Agustin Archeological Park in Huila

San Agustin Archeological Park in Huila

Unquestionably, San Agustin Archaeological Park is among the top tourist attractions in San Agustin being the only site in the globe housing 500 impressive structures of rocks engraved to utmost intricacy based on the renowned legends of its Indian carvers. Majority of the structures are deemed to be an inclusion in the memorial services of the primeval locals of the region that connects reality with the paranormal realm. Each of the rock statues and graves signify an epic character resembling that of the multi-faceted schemes of customs impressed and commemorated in the stone statues. Among the other sightseer attractions to look forward seeing in the park include the four mesitas which exhibit most of the stone monuments in the area and the Bosque de las Estatuas which display 39 statues in the open field surrounded by fine-looking plant life.

Among the archaeological displays, La Fuente de Lavapatas is probably considered as the grandest of all the carved figures in the top tourist attractions in San Agustin. The fountain is composed of a compound web of puddles and channels engraved in the substratum of the watercourse. Furthermore the encompassing carvings which are a stunning blend of images like that of lizards, snakes and a whole lot more of animal species with varied facades and contours greatly signifies the strong sense of artistry among its makers.

The jeepney tour is also considered as one of the top tourist attractions in San Agustin owing to its unique adventure-filled trip along the picturesque sights of the region. Among the famous tourist spots included in the trip are the El Estrecho of the Magdalena River where you get to have a glimpse of the scenic setting of the river; the Village of Obando as well as the Salto de los Bordones and Alto de las Piedras.

Another outdoor activity included in the top tourist attractions in San Agustin is the wild water rafting in Magdalena River. The water adventure usually takes about two to four hours in the water depending on the package choice and the level of difficulty. In addition to that, Magdalena rafting also features tours in French, English and Spanish languages thus the barrier in communication won’t be a problem to many tourists who would like to indulge into this activity. Aside from water rafting, waterfall rappelling at Los Tres Chorros can also be booked.

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