Spectacled Bear in Serrania de los Churumbelos

Top Tourist Attractions In Putumayo

If you want to see some of the most remarkable places in Colombia, then you wouldn’t dare miss the top tourist attractions in Putumayo. The Putumayo department is located in the southwestern corner of the country, with Peru and Ecuador around its border. Its name was derived from two words of the Quechua dialect: the word putuy which means “to spring forth” and mayu which refers to a “gushing river”.

Putumayo was originally inhabited by various Indian tribes in different regions; the Kamentxá in the north west, Cofáns of the south west, Tukano-speaking tribes in the central and southern areas, and Witoto-speaking tribes of the east. Spanish colonization eradicated most of them but some survived and continue to thrive, accounting for Putumayo’s richness in culture. But there is more to Putumayo than just cultural attractions for it also teems with bounties of nature.

1. Ríos Rumiyacu y Mandiyaco

The Rumiyacu River lies south of Mocoa, the capital of Putumayo. It forms a number of water holes where you can take a relaxing swim.

2. Cañon de Mandiyaco

The Mandiyaco Canyon is a 19 km road trip from Mocoa through a paved road. It features nature trails that meander through portions of the canyon and surrounding rivers and forests. Guided tours of the Mandiyaco Canyon are available and last for about 10 minutes. Even travelers inexperienced at hiking will find its trails easy to trek.

Guided tours of Cañon de Mandiyaco go beyond sightseeing. The tour guide will also tell stories of myths, legends, and folklore involving the area. Tourists are allowed to rest, eat, and drink in between. Mandiyaco Canyon is one of the top tourist atractions in Putumayo.

3. Hornoyaco Falls

It is a 60-meter waterfall surrounded by a beautiful landscape with thick vegetation.

Spectacled Bear in Serrania de los Churumbelos

Spectacled Bear in Serrania de los Churumbelos

4. Salto de Churumbelo

Resting on the mountainous region of Churumbelo lies Salto de Churumbelo, one of the top tourist attractions in Putumayo. It is an impressive waterfall more beautiful than Horoyaco Falls. Moreover, Salto de Churumbelo used to be the cradle of an ancient civilization that has gone extinct over the centuries.

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