Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area, Norte de Santander Colombia

Top Tourist Attractions In North Santander

Bringing together colonial charms and a rich and diverse landscape, the top tourist attractions in North Santander (Norte de Santander) is worth experiencing while you’re there in Colombia.  Bordered by Venezuela to the east and north, and by neighbouring departments:  Santander and Boyaca in the south,  South Santander and Cesar in the east, this haven has a lot to offer, from spectacular rock formations and semi-desert landscapes and colonial architecture.

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area,  Norte de Santander Colombia

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area, Norte de Santander Colombia

Here are some of the highlights you must never miss out when you pass by North Santander:


With its colonial infrastructures and environment, a stroll down the idyllic municipality of Pamplona is like being taken back to the 1800’s.  Pamplona is home to various historical structures which is pivotal in the independence of the municipality.  One such example is the Casa de Doña Agueda Gallardo, where meetings were held before the July 4, 1810 coup.  But today, it is the current location of the Virtual Library of the University of Pamplona.

Other notable establishments in the area are the House of the Royal Treasury, which was once the colonial governor’s residence, and the Colonial House Museum where visitors can view exhibits of historical artefacts as well as enjoy activities such as workshops and artistic and cultural trainings for children.

In addition, Pamplona is also known for their churches.  Notable churches in Pamplona include the Shrine of Humilladero and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

San Jose de Cucuta

Commonly referred to as Cucuta, North Santander’s capital brings the best of both worlds:  old colonial monuments and infrastructures juxtaposed with modern architectures and facilities, making it to the list of top tourist attractions in North Santander.

Some of the best highlights in San Jose de Cucuta are the Monument to the Christ the King, which gives you a breath-taking  view of the entire Cucuta and the various monuments dedicated to the most important people in North Santander, such as the Monument of Santander located in the middle of the Santander square.

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area Park

Adorned with carved columns, and unique rock formations, the Unique Natural Area Los Estoraques is one of the top tourist attractions in North Santander.  Various columns and figures are formed and sculpted by thousands of years of erosion.

In addition to the unique rock formations and columns, Los estoraques is also home to a plethora of local flora and fauna (albeit a small population due to the fragile ecosystem of the location), natural pools and the Le Teneria stream.

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