Taganga in Magdalena, Colombia

Top Tourist Attractions In Magdalena

There are a lot of top tourist attractions in Magdalena, Colombia in which tourists can take pleasure in. Magdalena is located on the Northern coast of Colombia. Since it is located near the sea, its climate is mostly in hot and humid temperature. Magdalena has only two seasons: The rainy season which happens every month of April to November and the dry season which occurs in between December to March. Magdalena being a department on the North Coast has many beautiful beaches and sceneries to spend a vacation to.

Taganga in Magdalena, Colombia

Taganga in Magdalena, Colombia

One of the highly regarded top tourist attractions in Magdalena is the Tayrona National Park. In this park, tourist will see various beaches, reefs, mangroves and ruins of the Tayrona Indians. This tourist attraction needs about an hour or two hike for the visitors. Along the hike, tourist can have a glimpse of various plants and animals, trees and vegetation which are surrounded with birds and butterflies. In Magdalena, tourists will truly enjoy the nature and its wildlife. As tourists reach the beach, they will utterly be stunned with it as it is clear blue. The beach has also huge boulders wherein you can climb to truly see the beauty of the horizon. Tourists can even stay for a night in hammocks on the boulders. There are also restaurants in the park where you will enjoy the sumptuous treats of Magdalena. Tayrona Park is beyond doubt a fine-looking spot for beaches and jungles.

If you want to see various ruins and if you love to trek, then the Lost City is one the suitable tourist attractions in Magdalena Colombia that is for you find out. On the way to this attraction, along with seeing various ruins and the scenic jungle, you need to do some trek. You will see lush palms and trees, colorful parrots and butterflies. In the jungle, you will find rivers in which you are allowed to dip and relax into in the middle of your trek. Since this is a four-day trek, camping is a necessity which you would truly enjoy with family and friends. You can sleep on hammocks as you enjoy the sound of nature, the sound of the jungle. In the lost city you will absolutely enjoy not only the beautiful scenery but also the experience that goes along with it.

For nature lovers you can visit Sierra Nevada wherein you can see top species of birds and beautiful mountains. You can also enjoy outdoor activities along with this scenic adventure. As you track on the mountains, you can ride on mountain bikes to enjoy the ride as you go downhill. You will also find beautiful waterfalls and go canyoning, wherein you will jump down the falls. This is truly a top attraction in Magdalena Colombia. If you want to go snorkeling and enjoy swimming on the beach and at the same time enjoy delicious seafood cuisines, you should visit Rodadero. This is a peaceful and attractive spot for tourists indeed – wonderful beach coupled with splendid food and brilliant activities.

Finally, for tourists to have a feel of Magdalena, you should visit the well-preserved museum at Quinta de San Pedro de Alejandrino. You will learn the history of Colombia in this excursion, including the fact that this is the place where Simon Bolivar; a leader who liberated South America, resided and died. You will truly be amazed with the history as well as the spectacular artifacts and exhibits.

Make sure to visit Magdalena when you drop by Colombia and be stunned by its amazing beaches, people and culture. Magdalena Colombia is surely a wise vacation choice.

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