Sumapaz Paramo, Cundinamarca

Top Tourist Attractions In Cundinamarca

In the core of Colombia lie the top tourist attractions in Cundinamarca. Curdinamarca hosts several awe-inspiring vacation destinations that are filled with rich history and heritage.

One of the top tourist attractions in Cundinamarca is the Chingaza Park. The park’s position is shared along with Meta and contains an abundant source of water which springs from several watercourses, some of which are recognized as a World Heritage site. Chingaza Park fundamentally takes pride of the various breeds of flora and fauna it exhibits such as deers, condors, bears and a whole lot more species of birds, mammals and amphibians. Chingaza park has also varied points of entrance to choose from and most of them lie in the Calera path. It is also feasible to take hikes using different trails, all of which offer a breathtaking sight of the scenic landscapes.

Sumapaz Paramo, Cundinamarca

Sumapaz Paramo, Cundinamarca

The terrains of Sumapaz are an inclusion to the top tourist attractions in Cundinamarca. It is among municipalities of Colombia’s capital city Bogota sharing the boundaries between Huila and Meta. It is renowned for its picturesque mountain scopes with many lagoons. Also it is noted to have the most extensive moorland in the world providing one of the biggest water supplies in Colombia and a thriving nature sanctuary for a wide variety of wildlife creatures. Sumapaz is also deemed to be an archaeological landmark in Cundinamarca owing to the gems that has been discovered in one of its lagoons. Some of the found gems are now under the safeguarding of the Gold Museum in Bogota.

The dam of Tomine is another worth visit among the top tourist attractions in Cundinamarca. Beneath the dam lies the prehistoric village of Guatavita which was already fully submerged by the flooded waters of Tomine’s dam. What draw travellers to this place are the tours being offered towards the island where kayaking is also featured. Tourists can also experience a serene stroll towards the dam’s perimeters or perhaps experience horseback riding and even camping. Being filled with abundant heritage, a visit to its local museum is a great way to be enriched about Cundinamarca’s history and way of life.

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira completes your travel itinerary towards the top tourist attractions in Cundinamarca. The cathedral lies within the Zipaquira town just 47 kilometres to the north of Bogota. The church is positioned within a salt mine excavate which is about 200 metres beneath the ground. The vibrant hue of light inside the tunnel which elucidates the path also adds more attraction to the church. Not to mention the naves and sculptured-statues which the church also features are also attention-grabbers. Furthermore, tourists can also view a 3D documentary video about the history of the salt mine.

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