The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Top Tourist Attractions In Cesar

Most of the top tourist attractions in Cesar are in Valledupar. Valledupar is the capital of Cesar, a Colombian department located in Andino. It is bordered by the departments of La Guajira to its north, Magdalena and Bolivar to its west, and Santander to its south and west. The country of Venezuela lies on its eastern border. If it weren’t for its capital, Cesar wouldn’t be on the radar of tourists who visit Colombia.

Valledupar is known as the greenest city in Colombia. It has a number of eco parks and other natural attractions. It is also a place for history having been occupied during the Spanish colonial era. Furthermore, the city has earned its spot as a major cultural hub after giving birth to vallenato music.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

1. Festival de la leyenda Vallenata celebrates vallenato music whose origins can be traced to the city. It is undeniably one of the top tourist attractions in Cesar. At which time, vallenato bands compete against each other, attracting huge crowds in the process. The event is held annually, during the last week of April.

2. Alfonso López Pumarejo Square is ideal for rediscovering the colonial past of the city and perhaps, the rest of Cololombia. Located in downtown Velledupar, it is home to some nicely preserved Spanish colonial architecture.

3. Guatapurí River is a major point of interest in the city. Also known as Rio Guatapurí in Spanish, it comes from Curiba Lake and flows through the east of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta before reaching Cesar River. It spans 80 km long. The river is a nice place to take a swim. In fact, it is usually filled with people during weekends and holidays. An alternative to Guatapurí is the Badillo River.

4. Nabusimake is a secluded town where you can witness and experience the traditions and cultures of the Arhuaca tribe. For local handicrafts, you can visit the village of La Mina instead.

5. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountainous region worth traveling to if you want to enjoy scenic hikes. The savannah section of Cesar Department is an interesting place to visit as well for remarkable sceneries. Both the savannah and Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria are included in the top tourist attractions in Cesar.

6. Ecoparks such as Los Besotes and Paraver offer unique sights and activities. Los Besotes more renowned for its bird watching opportunities as well as hikes to the verdant park. Paraver is suited for seeing a wide array of flora and fauna.

7. Monuments and parks abound in Valledupar and they are among the must-sees in Cesar. Among them are El Folclor Vallenato, Los Gallos, Los Poporos, María Mulata, Mi Pedazo de Acordeón, and Revolución en Marcha.

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