Amazon River Dolphin, a protected species of Colombia.

Top Tourist Attractions In Caqueta

Highlighted for its strategic position in the southern central portion of Colombia, the top tourist attractions in Caqueta is indeed a noteworthy vacation spot for many travelers. Caqueta department boasts for its vast area extending from the pedestal of the Andes Mountains towards the core of the Amazon forest featuring captivating views of mountain ranges and an oasis to diverse species of wildlife making it a favorable target spot for ecotourism in Colombia. Be sure though that certain precautionary measures should be taken upon traveling since some of the areas have travel safety problems.

One of the must visit top tourist attractions in Caqueta is the Picachos National Park. The park hosts and safeguards a wide array of fauna and extraordinary flora and trees and is deemed to be the perfect place to explore and experience its rich rainforests and highlands.

Another park to explore in Caqueta is Parque Nacional Serrania de Chiribiquete which is nestled in the core of the Colombian Amazon. The national park encompasses both the cities of Guaviare and Caqueta. Its striking panoramic sceneries also display valleys, enormous rocks and diverse species of wildlife.

Florencia which is the capital city of the Department of Caqueta is also one of the top tourist attractions in Caqueta. Florencia is deemed to be the most influential metropolis in the southeast region of Colombia because of its big population and abundant heritage. The capital city is positioned in close proximity with Hacha River and is primarily the heart of the Colombia’s Amazon due to its rich fauna and vegetation.

Amazon River Dolphin, a protected species of Colombia.

Amazon River Dolphin, a protected species of Colombia.

To be immersed more with the top tourist attractions in Caqueta, the Jungle Florence is a commendable place to experience the area. The park is among Colombia’s most recent park sanctuaries nestling in the core of the mountain scopes of the Andean Mountains also covering the Caldas Department. Currently, it is considered as one of the parks which became an instrument in the continued growth and improvement of the Caqueta Department.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes is one of the most sought after cathedrals in Colombia belonging to the top tourist attractions in Caqueta. The church is a Roman Catholic adoration sector blessed for Virgin Mary in the title of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is positioned on the western area of Plaza San Francisco de Asis and is considered as the premier church in Florencia due to its Gothic-patterned Republican style which is truly awe-inspiring and eye catching to many tourists.


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