View of Lake Tota

Top Things To Know About Visiting Iza

Impress your friends and family by sharing some of the top things to know about visiting Iza.  This town and municipality in the Boyaca Department is a great jump off point to the nearby attraction, Lake Tota.

But there’s more to Iza than being just a short stop on the way to Lake Tota.  Here are couple of top things to know about Iza.

Green nest of Boyaca.  It’s no surprise that Iza is known as the “Green Nest of Boyaca”, with its rustic charms and abundant greenery which makes the landscape of the town even more attractive.

It was once named Sta. Isabel.  Back in 1895, Iza was renamed Santa Isabel, for a very peculiar reason:  “Iza” means “concubine” or “prostitute” in Spanish.  But for the locals, Iza comes from the indigenous word “Za” which means “night”.

But thankfully, the change in name was short-lived and Iza is now known as “Iza” once again.

View of Lake Tota

View of Lake Tota

Colonial Wonder.  Take a stroll around Iza and marvel at the town’s colonial architecture.  The Hispanic and Italian influence in Iza is much more evident in pine-tree and hydrangea-lined Plaza Mayor, which is a perfect stop on Sundays when locals sell their best obleas or Colombian sweets and pastries.

Trout and terrines anyone?  Weekenders will certainly enjoy fruit terrines and trout in Iza.  Choose from trout smothered in garlic and butter, or grilled trout which is served from most of the eateries and restaurants in Iza.  While there isn’t much variety as to the preparation of the trout in most of these eateries, you can certainly enjoy the ambiance of most of the restaurants in Iza as most of them as most of them has expanded their restaurants to included their very own private theme parks.

Hot Thermal Springs.  One of the top things to know about visiting Iza is that they have some of the best thermal springs in Colombia.  These thermal springs have healing properties due to the minerals the waters have.  So whether you’re seeking ways sooth rheumatic pains, or simply relaxing your tired and aching muscles after a long day of strolling, then there’s no better place to go to than Iza’s  hot thermal springs.

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