Plaza Jardin in Antioquia

Top Things To Know About Visiting Envigado

Among the top things to know about visiting Envigado is the fact that it is located in the department of Antioquia, north of El Poblado, Medellin. It is within the territory of the Aburra Valley and has El Retiro, Caldas and Itagui as neighbours. It is currently regarded as the birthplace of the philosopher Fernando Gonzalez and even has a cultural center and museum dedicated to his work and memory. But beyond this point of interest, Envigado is well-known for its paisa traditions and architecture, which is recognized as one of the best standard of living.

Plaza Jardin in Antioquia

Plaza Jardin in Antioquia

If ever you find yourself in town, make sure you drop by Pueblito Paisa, located on top of El Cerro Nutibara. See, apart from providing guests a better understanding of the traditional Antioquian lifestyle, it also offers a great view of the city and a challenging hiking experience. In addition, you should also check out Museo de Antioquia and its collection of contemporary art, which include those made by Fernando Botero, a Columbian artist and one of the most prominent sculptors in the world. Museo Universidad de Antioqiua is a great alternative to the former, with its assortment of visual art, natural science, anthropology and university history displays. Here, you’ll get to see a large number of pre-Columbian ceramic pieces, not to mention engage in a Galileo interactive room, which provides some of the top things to know about visiting Envigado. Now, just make sure you come by during weekdays between 10 AM to 5PM so you’d get to enter both premises.

To complement this experience, drop by the Wishes’ Park (Parque de los Deseos) near the University and check out the newly reconstructed planetarium. Plaza de Cisneros is also a fun highlight for you to explore a few miles away, with its 1920’s architecture, EPM library and line-up of shops. Parque de Berrio is just close by and has all the important financial buildings of the metropolis. And if you want to get acquainted with other top things to know about visiting Envigado, you should set aside time for Parque Periodista, the hang out spot of bohemians and musicians.

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