Lake Tota, the largest lake in Colombia

Top Things To Know About Lake Tota

Before you embark on your journey to this famous Boyaca destination, it’s important that you are acquainted with the top things to know about Lake Tota.  This lake is a tributary to the Upia River, which in turn flows to the Orinoco River basin.

Lake Tota, the largest lake in Colombia

Lake Tota, the largest lake in Colombia

Lake Tota is surrounded by quaint towns and villages, such as Aquitana, Tota, Iza and Cuitiva.

Here are some of the top things to know about Lake Tota, aside from those mentioned above.

Lake Monster.  One of the most interesting top things to know about Lake Tota is that it is home to the mythical Lake Tota Monster.   According to local accounts, the monster is described as resembling a giant black snake, similar to the monstrous snake battled by the mythical hero of the Muisca culture.

Whether the legend holds water or not (pun not intended), it still adds to the charm of Lake Tota, making it an interesting destination in the Boyaca department

Land for Farming.  The word “Tota” actually means “Land for Farming” in the indigenous dialect.  Its rich soils are perfect for growing one of the Boyaca department’s largest agricultural economy, onions.  90% of the onions consumed by Colombia come from the rich, farm lands around Lake Tota.

Playa Blanca.  Pictures of this cove are often mistaken for that of a seaside beach.  But who can blame them?   Lake Tota’s cove is lined with fine white sands, similar to those you can see in other famous beaches around the world.

Playa Blanca is a great place to spend with your family and friends, where you can enjoy water sports and activities such as sailing, or simply soaking up some sun and bathing in their clear blue waters.

Iza.  Lake Tota’s close proximity to Iza allows you to enjoy the wonders this town has to offer.  After a tiring day of travelling to Lake Tota’s Playa Cove, or after getting your fill of butter garlic or grilled trout, heading out to Iza’s thermal springs is a perfect way to cap the day.

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