Victoria cruziana, a native to the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin.

Top Reasons To Visit Vaupes

And while Vaupés lies in the heart of the Amazonian jungle, there are still top reasons to visit Vaupés and have the time of your life.  Located north of Guainia, Guaviare and Caqueta and east of the Brazilian border, this jewel in the center of the jungle offers a breath-taking view of lush greenery, marvelous landscapes, rivers and a wide variety of aquatic Amazonian fauna.

Victoria cruziana, a native to the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin.

Victoria cruziana, a native to the shallow waters of the Amazon River basin.

This place offers enough adventure for the thrill-seeker and nature lover in you.

The list of the top reasons to visit Vaupés starts off with the Yurupari rapids.  The Yurupari rapids is a 7 hour boat ride away from Vaupés’ capital, Mitu.  This six meter stretch of cascades is a perfect venue to enjoy the warm waters during the day.  The rapids are also very rich in local aquatic fauna such as sardines subienda, catfish, cuyucuyu and pacu.

Legend has it that the Yurupari rapids is home to an underground maze which leads to a hidden treasure of gold and diamonds.  However, according to local beliefs, the treasures must never, at all times, be taken away from the maze.  But some foreigners have taken advantage of the native’s gullibility and have brought some of the treasures home themselves.

Whether there’s a kernel of truth to the myth or not, the Yurupari rapids in itself is a site to behold, making the long trip worthwhile.

If B-Movies like Anaconda has piqued your curiosity over these gigantic snakes, then a visit to the Raudal de Jirijirimo should be part of your list of top reasons to visit Vaupés.  Also called “La Cama de la Anaconda” (The Bed of the Anacondas), the Jirijirimo rapids is home to one of the largest snakes in the world, the anaconda.  In addition to these giant snakes, the rapids are also home to other exotic fauna such as tapirs and macaws.

Other highlights in Vaupés include a ride through the Tunel de Apaporis along the Apaporis river, and a getting a stunning, panoramic view of the Amazonian jungle from the peak of Serrania Morroco.


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