Aerial view of San Jose del Guaviare

Top Reasons To Visit San Jose del Guaviare

More people need to know about the top reasons to visit San Jose del Guaviare. Quite frankly, the city isn’t getting the attention it deserves as it is stolen by more popular destinations in the country. San Jose del Guaviare is a town and municipality located in southeast Colombia and is the capital of the department of Guaviare. It lies along the Guaviare River about 200 miles northwest of the town of Mitú. Farming and cattle raising are its main livelihood. Given its geographical isolation from the rest of Colombia, one can expect a dominantly rural atmosphere from it. That said, San Jose del Guaviare won’t disappoint as a travel destination. Here are the reasons why you should go there.

Aerial view of San Jose del Guaviare

Aerial view of San Jose del Guaviare

Reason one: San Jose del Guaviare is a gateway to the Amazon

The town is often called “Entrance to the Jungle”. Its strategic location puts grants easy access to the Amazon region of Colombia, namely the Orinoquía. During colonial times, this region was called Llanos Orientales or Eastern Plains. Orinoquía is one of the only five natural regions of Colombia that forms the Orinoco watershed. The Orinoquía region encompasses wetlands, rivers, forests, and a tropical savanna; landscapes that are typical of the Amazon.

Reason two: National parks

National parks are usually established to protect forests. There are a few in this city and they are among the top reasons to visit San Jose del Guaviare. One of which is the Chiribiquete National Park which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pre-Cambrian rock formations, flat-top mountains called tepuys, deep canyons, rapids, caves, rock shelters, and lush valleys can be seen throughout Chiribiquete. The park also has impressive biodiversity. Moreover, there is evidence of ancient human inhabitants living in the area as seen in the rock art. The Nukak Nature Reserve is a must-see as well.

Reason three: Indigenous tribes

Indigenous people including the Guayabero, Nunak, Sikuani, and Tucano still live in the forests of the town and they are among the top reasons to visit San Jose del Guaviare. They add a touch of culture to what is largely a rural area.

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