Satellite view of Punta Gallinas and Guajira Peninsula

Top Reasons To Visit Punta Gallinas

The top reasons to visit Punta Gallinas might not be a hard list to fill in one’s travel notebook if deserts would give a bad impression for a holiday site. But Punta Gallinas might prove desert-haters wrong once they finally arrived at the area. One may say that not all paradises are made of thick foliage that fosters a plethora of overgrown plant life. The Punta Gallinas might be one of the most unique topographies of Colombia since this country is known for its greenery. This region’s uniqueness alone could captivate many offbeat travellers who come for a unique vacation experience. This headland location might have earned a comical moniker that meant “Cape Chicken” in Spanish, but outdoor adventures in this dry region is no chicken feed. Tourists planning to stay in Punta Gallinas should up their physical condition.

Satellite view of Punta Gallinas and Guajira Peninsula

Satellite view of Punta Gallinas and Guajira Peninsula

1. Rough exhilarating 4-wheel drag race

Perhaps one of the strangest causes among the top reasons to visit Punta Gallinas is to find out how true is the ferocious reputation of the terrain. Since Punta Gallinas is greatly deprived of a proper infrastructure, the entire vast land area is accessible only via a rugged 4-wheel drive. This vehicle is built to imitate the durability of the army land rover, but one may be alarmed to find out that in the middle of the journey its wheels can even break down. Adventurous travellers will be totally thrilled to consider this an adrenaline-packed journey.

2. Serenity in the sand dunes

After crossing a considerable mileage throughout La Guajira Department’s hostile terrain, one may be pleased to know that the rough rides often end at the smooth expanse of the desert dunes. The landscape is a breath taking sight, seemingly an imitation of a caramel-coloured zebra pattern sprawled throughout the entire coastal area of Punta Gallinas. An aerial view might prove to be even twice more magnificent. Travellers ought to avoid missing the chance to take some panoramic photographs worthy of a polished wooden frame.

3. Can you handle the sea kayaking?

Farther from the velvety dunes of the western dry coast is the sea shore. One of the top reasons to visit Punta Gallinas is the kind of thrill that the steep beaches can offer its adventurous tourists. It is here that most locals haul a very marvellous catch. It is not surprising for audacious tourists to imitate the hard way the natives catch fish – braving the gargantuan gales. Some may call it madness, while other will call it another wild ride. These waters are so fierce that visitor foresight is advised.

4. Meeting the Wayuu desert people

The Wayuu people are unique natives in Colombia strewn all over the entire country. Many of them lived in Punta Gallinas. One thing that fascinates visitors about them is that they can be role models of human resilience in the wild. Adventurous travellers who wished to optimize their sense of resourcefulness could learn a lot from these robust locals.

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