Aerial view of Los Nevados National Park

Top Reasons To Visit Los Nevados National Park

The top reasons to visit Los Nevados National Park may sound like the top reasons to be in Colombia itself. The majesty of this vast preservation is a reflection of South America’s splendor. Not even the years of civil strife and its corresponding pigeonholed media representation could destroy this part of wonderful uncivilized realm exuding with divine magnificence. Tourists cannot simply help but be drawn to this splendid region in order to relax and experience living life outside the immediate parameters of civilization. One cannot help but take note of the best reasons to visit and spend time in Los Nevados National Park.

Aerial view of Los Nevados National Park

Aerial view of Los Nevados National Park

1. Experience the adventure of trekking

Travelers who love to keep on moving on their feet would consider trekking as one of the top reasons to visit Los Nevados National Park. Over 58,000 hectares of distance, with most of it covered by snow, is more than enough of a place to accommodate thousands of tourists who love to take a leisure stroll. A vivid imagination could permit a trekker to fancy himself or herself as a nomad in Ice Age period out for an adventure.

2. Los Nevados National Park: the naturalist’s paradise

With over one thousand two hundred species of plants, the Los Nevados National Park is definitely every naturalist’s Disney Land. Other than exotic plants that thrive in the harshest altitude of Colombian Andes, this place also has a variety of rare birds. Documenting the diverse wildlife is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Los Nevados National Park.

3. Rock and ice climbing: pushing the envelope of fun

Rock climbing alone is dangerous. But a large number of athletic human beings enjoy it nonetheless. However, ice climbing is a whole new level of danger that would cut the population of daring mountaineers to half. Only the fittest adventurous people would get to experience the exhilaration they are looking for. If they are tourists, Los Nevados National Park is one of the few places on earth they should visit.

4. Do you love fishing and find pleasure in that hobby?

Not all fishing hobbies are dull and conducive only to senior citizens. There are types of fishing activities that captivate the competitive spirit of humanity. Spear fishing and sports fishing are one of the interesting things that the Los Nevados National Park could offer. Their frigid waterholes are plenty and bountiful.

5. The place that landscape artists would beg to stay longer

The diverse topography is one of the best things this place has to offer for travelers who love to paint or take photographs. A combination of rainforests, dry tundra and alpines could provide a photographer with multiple picture albums full of splendid landscape shots. Painters, both canvas-based and digital artists, will spend longer vacations to capture the essence of Los Nevados National Park.


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