Puerto Limon, Isla Fuerte

Top Reasons To Visit Isla Fuerte

A peaceful retreat away from the city is one of the top reasons to visit Isla Fuerte.  This little island off the coast of Cordoba is a little slice of heaven, with a rich marine and land flora and fauna, including about more than 80 species of birds.  Surprisingly, Isla Fuerte is under the Bolivar department.

Puerto Limon, Isla Fuerte

Puerto Limon, Isla Fuerte

This off-the-beaten-track tourist destination is only a well-kept secret of Colombian tourists from Cordoba, and a few travelers tenacious enough to do a little research about the island.  But if your curiosity is piqued, these top reasons to visit Isla Fuerte may be the nudge you need to book that flight and take that trip.

Friendly locals.  Only in Isla Fuerte can you find locals who’ll happily invite you to their home for a home-cooked meal or eager enough to explain the history and legends about the island, while touring you around.  Most of the settlers here are of African ancestry and have infused part of their culture into their cooking (which you can taste in the food they prepare).

Some peace and quiet.  Tucked away from the mainland Colombia, you will always have the chance to have the entire island for yourself, especially during off-peak season.

But don’t expect for 5-star accommodations and nightclubs.  The place is devoid of cars, restaurants and other amenities you will usually find in other crowded beaches.

But the lack of these accommodations also means, you won’t have to deal with boisterous tourists and garbage strewn shorelines.

Some of the most interesting trees in Colombia.  A stroll around the island will give you a chance to see some of the most interesting trees in the country.  One of Isla Fuerte’s famous trees is the Cashapona or the “walking tree”.  But this tree doesn’t “walk” as its name suggests.  The tree gained its moniker from the stilt-like root systems, and the aerial roots that grow from the stems and form another root system once it hits the ground.

Diving sites.  One of the top reasons to visit Isla Fuerte is the dive sites.  A trip to Isla Fuerte is never complete without exploring the dive sites off its coasts.

Some of the popular dive sites in Isla Fuerte are Bajo Bushnell which is known for its reefs filled with barracudas, giant gorgonias and horned corals, Burbujas and Los Pargos.

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