Cerros de Mavecure in Guainia

Top Reasons To Visit Guainia

The top reasons to visit Guainia may depend on what one may consider worthwhile in having a vacation. Like most unfamiliar countries, Colombia is one of those picked by tourists from first world countries in order to experience something rare and extraordinary. This South American nation is pretty much misunderstood and its mystery continues to captivate foreigners. On one hand, there are those who wish to visit this country because of its close connection to nature. Others want to learn more about the curious history of Spanish colonies in the New World, including the advantages and ills resulting from imperialism. There are also others who are simply curious to know the boundaries between stereotype and fact, especially concerning hot topics like FARC rebellion and drug trade. The remoteness of the department of Guainia is seemingly appealing. This part of the country shares borders with Brazil down south and Venezuela to the east. Remote places like these appeal to travelers seeking off-beat tourist environments.

Cerros de Mavecure in Guainia

Cerros de Mavecure in Guainia

1. The ideal rural paradise to go native

One of the top reasons to visit Guainia is that it is one of the departments in Colombia that has very few licensed municipalities. In fact, this department only has one decent civilization. Inirida is the capital city of this department and it is teeming with military presence because it was believed to be nearby a formidable FARC rebel stronghold. One meaningful aspect about wilderness environment is the experience of living away from the comforts of civilization. It is simply taking wilderness camping to a whole new level. One can learn a lot from the inhabitants of the department how wonderful simple living really used to be. One may think that being in Guainia is an ideal retreat from the mechanized lifestyle of the city.

2. Guainia – the home of indigenous South Americans

Another of the top reasons to visit Guainia appeals to anyone very interested in studying the Native American population existing in South America. For academics possessed with this insatiable interest, one may visit Guainia for one reason – the Arawak Indians. They were believed to be extinct in the Caribbean ever since the Europeans came to finish them off after centuries of persecution by the wild Carib natives. It is interesting to know that the living relics of this extinct culture still thrive in this department, assimilating with the rest of the pastoral Colombian people’s culture.

3. Experience unadulterated ecotourism

People who visit Guainia will truly appreciate nature in its very crude form. This is one of the many places in Colombia where civilization truly finds hard to penetrate. Eco tourists are bound to be amazed by the wonders of the endless forests that stretch further to borders of Venezuela and Brazil. The only conceivable danger that hardy nature lovers ought to avoid is the presence of roving FARC rebels. For many years they have proven to be a bane for the Colombian department. It would be of one’s best interest to venture inland with a guide.

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