A rock formation of Gorgona Island, Colombia

Top Reasons To Visit Gorgona In Colombia

It’s surprising that very few tourists know about the top reasons to visit Gorgona in Colombia, let alone know about the island’s existence. Isla Gorgona is a small island located off the Colombian Pacific. The following is a list of reasons why you should visit Gorgona Island during your trip to Colombia.

Reason #1: Escape Colombia

Gorgona Island offers an escape from the urban cities of Colombia as well as its usually crowded beaches. While people in Colombia have a fast-paced lifestyle, the island gives you the rest and relaxation you’ve been dreaming of. Adding to this fact is that Gorgona has no permanent dwellers and thus, virtually uninhabited.

A rock formation of Gorgona Island, Colombia

A rock formation of Gorgona Island, Colombia

Reason #2: Explore the Pacific

The Caribbean Islands are some of the most sought after destinations in the world. They are home to stunning white sand beaches with pristine seawater and thriving marine life. Furthermore, their tropical climate and lush forests make them all the more irresistible.

Islands in the Pacific are no different really and Gorgona is a Pacific island. Like the rest of the Colombian Islands however, it has a different atmosphere compared to mainland Colombia. The opportunity to explore the beauty of a Pacific island is one of the top reasons to visit Gorgona in Colombia.

Reason #3: Experience a unique culture

Even though it belongs to Colombia, Gorgona has an Afro-Colombian culture that’s unique to it. The island owes its distinct culture to its history. The fusion of both African and Colombian influences cultivated the culture, traditions, beliefs, and cuisine of Gorgona to what it is today.

Reason #4: Accessibility

Isla Gorgona can be accessed from three places in Colombia: Buenaventura, Guapi, and El Charco. The shortest is to take a boat trip from Guapi. The ride will only last two hours. Taking a boat from Buenaventura is also possible but the trip is about 4 hours long. When coming from El Charco, you can either take a plane or a boat to reach the island.

Reason #5: Rare opportunity to watch humpback whales

The island offers the rare chance to see humpback whales. This opportunity is one of the top reasons to visit Gorgona in Colombia. From June until July, more than one thousand humpback whales travel to the Pacific Ocean to mate and breed. Sightseeing tours are available so you can get a closer look at these majestic creatures.


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