Colonial church in downtown Monteria at Cordoba, Colombia

Top Reasons To Visit Cordoba

When people encounter the top reasons to visit Córdoba, they immediately think of Spain. But there’s also a department in Colombia that goes by the same name. Although not as popular as its Spanish counterpart, the department of Colombia makes a decent travel destination despite increasing paramilitary presence and problems with drug trafficking. Córdoba is located north of the country on its Caribbean region. It has the Caribbean Sea to the north with the departments of Sucre, Bolivar, and Antioquia around its borders.

Colonial church in downtown Monteria at Cordoba, Colombia

Colonial church in downtown Monteria at Cordoba, Colombia

Reason #1: Visit Montería and experience the Colombian culture first-hand.

Montería is the capital city of Córdoba. It lies 31 miles from the Caribbean Sea along the Sinú River. As capital, not only is it the economic center of Córdoba but also the heart of its culture. It boasts the most unique cultural heritage among all cities in the region due to the combined influences of indigenous Zenú Indians, descendants of Africans and Spanish colonials, and Arab immigrants.

The sombrero vueltiao or vueltiado originates from this city, specifically the Zenú inhabitants. It evolved into becoming a national symbol for Colombia even though it mostly represents the country’s Caribbean region. The hat is made of caña flecha, a kind of cane that is cultivated in Colombia. It is traditionally worn by vallenato artists and cumbia dancers. Furthermore, Montería is the origin of porro. Porro is a folkloric style of music and dance that became popular in Colombia between the 1940s and 1970s. Since then it has evolved into different variations and types.

The Colombian culture that drives Montería city is one of the top reasons to visit Córdoba.

Reason #2: Escape into rural Colombia.

Córdoba offers a rural Colombian experience right outside Montería. Villages like Berástegui, Cereté, Ciénaga de Oro, Moñitos, Planeta Rica, and San Pelayo are home to haciendas where you can either relax or embark on adventures. Sports fishing, horseback riding, nature sightseeing, and trekking are just some of the activities you can do in rural areas of the department. And they are included in the top reasons to visit Córdoba.

Reason #3: Córdoba is a kid-friendly destination.

Córdoba may be a land filled with culture and recreation but the Colombian department also has child-friendly attractions. One such example is the Los Caimanes Zoo Park located between Buenavista and Planeta Rica. The zoo features animal shows that will surely entertain the little ones. It also has accommodations and a restaurant within the premises for easy accessibility of their facilities.

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