Map of San Andres and Providencia in Colombia

Top Reasons To Visit Colombian Islands

In November 2012, the International Court of Justice declared that the disputed Caribbean islands belong to Colombia; and this is perhaps one of the top reasons to visit Colombian Islands. The dispute had been going on between Colombia and neighboring country Nicaragua for decades. Now that the drama is gone, you can freely roam the Colombian Islands and know for a fact that you’re within Colombian territory. Below are some good reasons to go there.

1. See and experience Colombia in a different way.

Despite their name, the Colombian Islands don’t have much in common with their mainland. Geographic differences allow them to have a different climate and landscape. Also, the islands are separated by their history and culture, providing tourists with sights and experiences that are unique from Colombia.

Map of San Andres  and Providencia in Colombia

Map of San Andres and Providencia in Colombia

2. Immerse yourself in varying cultures.

The Colombian Islands are further subdivided into regions. Each of these sub regions has a distinct culture. Islands in the Pacific like Gorgona and Malpelo have a dominant Afro-Colombian culture. Meanwhile, the Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia have some resemblance with the Caribbean cultures of Antilles and Jamaica. These varying cultures are included in the top reasons to visit Colombian Islands.

3. Enjoy a Caribbean getaway.

The Colombian Islands may not always have a Caribbean culture but their land and waters give them away. Sprawling white-sand beaches, untouched tropical forests, coral-infested waters, colorful marine life, and exotic wildlife which are typical of the Caribbean may be observed from these islands. Besides, they let you get away from the hustles and bustles of cities in the mainland. Their beaches are less crowded too so you can enjoy some private moments to relax, admire the scenery, and enjoy your vacation.

4. Embark on sightseeing adventures.

Whether you choose to walk through the jungle, hike through the mountains, or go scuba diving, you can embark on a variety of sightseeing adventures. Tourists who enjoy the outdoors will find this one of the top reasons to visit Colombian Islands.


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