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Top Reasons To Visit Choco

The top reasons to visit Choco are unknown to most people, even among tourists of Colombia. Chocó is a Colombian department located west of the country. It is the only department of Colombia with a border to Panama.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca

Reason one: The coastlines

Besides being the only Colombian department that borders Panama, Chocó is also alone in having two coastlines. One of them faces the Pacific Ocean while the other faces the Atlantic. The Atlantic coast is shorter so it has fewer beaches. The Pacific coast of Chocó is much longer.

Bahía Solano is one of the best beaches in the department. It occupies a narrow strip of white-sand beaches on the foothills of Baudó Mountains, facing the Pacific Ocean. Bahía Solano has much more to offer than just scenic beaches and clear waters for swimming. It also presents a myriad of opportunities. Fishing is a popular sport undertaken by many in its beaches, especially during May when they can catch the flying fish. By September, its coast turns into a vantage point for spotting migratory birds as they make their way. Between July and October, humpback whales can be seen from the shores of Bahía Solano. They visit the area for mating season. With the help of organized boat tours you can get close enough to hear humpback whales sing as part of their mating ritual.

Beaches suitable for swimming aren’t enough reason to go to Choco. So is having two coastlines. But the recreational and wildlife spotting opportunities they present are included in the top reasons to visit Choco.

Reason two: Unspoiled natural beauty

The natural resources of Chocó remain unexploited to this day. The thich rainforest which comprises most of the department is still unspoiled. An untouched natural beauty is one of the top reasons to visit Chocó as well. It almost certainly equates to a thriving ecosystem with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The biodiversity hotspot of Chocó is El Chocó. It encompasses both dry and moist tropical forests. The ecotouristic area extends to three more South American countries, namely Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. An unspoiled beauty is one of the top reasons to visit Choco.

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