Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

Top Reasons to Visit Bolivar

The top reasons to visit Bolivar are indeed a must-explore if you want to be captivated by the land which is also famed as the “land of pleasures, light, happiness and gorgeous women”.  Bolivar was among the nine primary states of “The United States of Colombia” located in the northern portion and is bounded by the departments of Magdalena, Cesar, Atlantico and Santander.

One of the optimum top reasons to visit Bolivar is the capital city itself which is Cartagena. It is a city of fortress city which is oozing with charisma and romance. Among the famous landmarks that can be found within the narrow boulevards consists of prehistoric monasteries, churches, citadels and historical heroic remnants. Cartagena is also a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its significant role played in promoting progress during the Spanish period. Moreover, with its many traditional merry-makings, dynamic nightlife, luscious food, pristine beaches and a wide array of stunning architectural designs, Cartagena has truly shown why a lot of tourists are drawn towards Bolivar.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas is one of the must-visit sites situated in Cartagena, Bolivar. It is a bastion on the Hill of San Lazaro which serves as a tactical spot overlooking and dominating the city whether by sea or land.  Originally the fortress was named as Castillo de San Lazaro, constructed by the Spaniards during the period of colony during the year 1536. Notably it became extended in 1657 and restructured in a triangular contour with 8 guns and barracks of 4 gunners and 20 soldiers. Basically its name originated from Philip IV of Spain as a form of tribute.

San Osrido Museum is definitely among the top reasons to visit Bolivar. The museum is a part of Jose Luis Cornieles’ hacienda who was the first associate of the primary Congress of Angostura and a close comrade of Simong Bolivar. It was within this domicile that Bolivar first occupied and geared up his first speech to the Congress of Angostura in the February 15, 1819. The residence being an outstanding colonial infrastructure has in turn become a national historical memorial that is a mostly visited by tourists.

Lastly, if you are a certified beach bum, Islas del Rosario sums up the top reasons to visit Bolivar. There are many tour agents available who can assist you with the package trips that you can choose from towards the small islets. More often than not, the day tour comprises of lunch, a trip to the aquarium and a number of hours at Playa Blanca where you can take your most sought-after plunge.


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