Montoya Station, point of departure for the Barranquilla-Sabanilla Railway.

Top Reasons To Visit Atlantico

If you can’t get enough of the sightseer attractions in Colombia, then all the more should you discover the top reasons to visit Atlantico.  Atlantico is one of Colombia’s departments which lie on its northern area with Canal del Dique to the south, Bolivar Department to its west and the Magdalena Department to its east divided by the Magdalena River. Fundamentally, Barranquilla is Atlántico’s capital city being the heart of its industry and tourism. In 2001, the city was acknowledged as a National Cultural Heritage by Colombia’s Congress for its outstanding folk and customary festival which is the Carnival of Baranquilla. Baranquillas’ popular carnival slogan is “Who lives it, is who enjoys it.”

Baranquillas Carnival is deemed to be Columbia’s most significant traditional merriment and also noted as one of the biggest carnivals in the entire world thus is among the optimum top reasons to visit Atlantico. It has customs practiced still way back from the 19th century. The festival usually takes place on Saturday prior to Ash Wednesday and adorns itself with the “Battle of the Flowers” to ensure that many tourists are drawn collectively along with the city’s residents to shindig and have fun during the four days of vibrant and pulsating celebrations. When the carnival takes place, all the regular activities are temporarily put on hold to give way to the bustling street dances and lively masquerade and musical parades. Barranquilla’s Carnival comprises of the Spanish Paloteo dances, African congo and the aboriginal mico y micas. Furthermore, diverse styles and genres of Colombian songs are also presented. In November 7, 2003, it was proclaimed by UNESCO as one of the “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

Montoya Station, point of departure for the Barranquilla-Sabanilla Railway.

Montoya Station, point of departure for the Barranquilla-Sabanilla Railway.

Another must-visit in Atlantico is Plaza San Nicolas which is situated in Avenida la Paz, Calle 33B of Baranquilla. The plaza is rooted by the Catedral de San Nicolas which is a stunning revamped church. It is not open for touring inside though so you can only take photographs with the cathedral’s facade. Encompassing the church are several marketplaces that are convenient for quick shopping. Fundamentally, the park is a nice spot to visit since it is the heart of the city’s economical and spiritual heritage; it is the place where the first inhabitants of the city became bonded and united spiritually.

If you want to rekindle the kid in you or perhaps if you already have children to entertain, then the Barranquilla Zoo is one of the top reasons to visit Atlantico. In the zoo you can find a diverse variety flora and fauna such as shrubs, trees, rabbits, deers, Central American agouti, foxes, porcupines, turtles, parrots and many more with a lot of areas to take good pictures of.  There are also plenty of areas to buy food too if ever you get hungry along the tour. It also has a special area called the “dark room” where the zoo keeps its rare animals. Moreover the zoo’s staff are also very accommodating in exhibiting and answering many questions from its tourists.


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