Sierra Nevada Cocuy Guicán Range

Top Reasons to Visit Arauca

The top reasons to visit Arauca is a very tough set of details to define knowing the kind of reputation Colombia had in the world, as an entity of the international community. With the nation wrought by ongoing civil conflict, one can safely say that Arauca is even located at the fringes of the turbulent zone. But as surely as the Colombian nation dedicates itself to defeating the violent opposition, this country also boasts in its ability to effectively defend its inhabitants. Although it is difficult to find top reasons to visit Arauca, some sentimental and idealistic tourists can find themselves drawn to the region’s exotic appeal.

Sierra Nevada Cocuy Guicán Range

Sierra Nevada Cocuy Guicán Range

1. History and culture: knowing why it is untamed

One of the top reasons to visit Arauca can be understood by those eco tourists with fierce scholarly interest. History is often most attractive when the subject matter is rarely known. When an erudite individual has a keen interest in the “Chronicles of the Araucanian Wars”, it is only logical to journey to its heart and namesake. Araucania is a region that shares borders with Chile and Argentina, and it is named after the nation where the tribe of the Chilean national hero belongs. King Lautaro and his Mapuche warriors are natives of Araucania who fought with the Spaniards for over six centuries. His courage is shared by many outback natives residing in this area. Until today, the wilderness and plains of Arauca remain untamed, for better or worse.

2. Do you love to ride in a helicopter?

It is no secret that Arauca is a dangerous place to travel by land. However, people in this region capitalize on that reality in a way that will attract off-beat and immoderate tourists looking for wild adventure. The only way to tour Arauca is via a helicopter. Therefore, if a tourist happens to be fascinated by this rugged and efficient rotor aircraft, then Arauca’s helicopter cruises is definitely worth the recreation. Besides, one can truly appreciate the prolonged aerial panorama of this untamed land.

3. Let’s go Cajun, South American style!

Helicopters can be a cool means of transportation but some people are not born with an “aerial stomach”. For those tourists who are scared to fly yet too adventurous for their own good, perhaps boat cruising with the locals could be one of the top reasons to visit Arauca. But one must remember that it only applies to people who want to push the envelope of social conventions by living at the edge. If alligators in the wet marshes hunt people, some of these locals don’t agree and they are willing to prove it by hunting them for a tasty wild game.


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