Torre Sant'Andrea in Santa Catarina

Top Reasons To Visit Salento

It doesn’t seem like it but there are a number of top reasons to visit Salento. Salento is a sleepy little town in Quindío, Colombia. The seemingly boring place is bound to surprise you. It is enriched by culture and has plenty of sights and activities to offer. As a matter of fact, tourists from Armenia and Pereira come in droves during weekends and holidays. Still not convinced? Here’s why Salento should be your next destination.

Torre Sant'Andrea in Santa Catarina

Torre Sant’Andrea in Santa Catarina

1. Eat Trucha. Trucha is a type of fish that lives in abundance in the region. Restaurants normally serve it with rice at different prices, depending on how it was prepared. Restaurants around the main plaza are your best bets for eating Trucha. You can also go fish for one at the farm and cook it yourself. The only drawback of this is that it would turn out to be more expensive than dining at a restaurant.

2. Play Tejo. The national sport is played throughout Colombia and something you can enjoy in this town. Tejo is one of the top reasons to visit in Salento. Participants are required to throw a weight underarm into a wooden packing crate. The weight is usually around 500 g to 1 kg and the crate is filled with clay and elevated at an angle. Embedded on the clay is a metal circle. The goal is to get your weight inside this metal circle. To make tejo more fun, Colombians place gunpowder on the top and bottom of the circle. If you hit the metal with your weight, the gun powder will explode. Extra points are awarded for the bang. You can play the game at the Plantation House in Salento.

3. Celebrate the fiesta. On the first week of January, Salento transforms into a lively place from a sleepy town.

4. Go hiking at Valle de Cocora. The picturesque landscape is one of the most scenic places in Colombia. You can get there by taking a jeep from the Plaza in Salento. The jeep leaves as soon as it is filled so come early and bring food and water with you. Hiking up Valle de Cocora takes several hours but the trail is easy. Just 2.5 hours of hiking and you’ll get to the Acaime ranger post where you can take a break, have a cup of hot tea or chocolate, enjoy the sceneries, and listen to hummingbirds. There are many other things to do and sights to see in Valle de Cocora. No wonder it’s one of the top reasons to visit Salento.

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