Top Tourist Attractions In Cucuta

The top tourist attractions in Cucuta, Colombia are mostly history related, given its role in the first European excursions. In search of the famed El Dorado, Spanish inquisitors took over many of the settlements surrounding Magdalena River and established them as colonies – Cucuta being one of them. And because of its landlocked geography, there are not that many water-related destinations to look forward to. But that does not make the place any less interesting. Just to note, to the east, the metropolis is bordered by Venezuela and Puerto Santander, while to the north, there is Tibu. On the west, the cities of El Zulia and San Cayetano can be found. And at the south, there’s Villa del Rosario, Los Patios, and Bochalema.



If it is your first time to visit Cucuta, then you should see to it that you check out the monument of the Battle of Cucuta as this would give you a greater appreciation of the town’s transformation. Standing on a small hill, overlooking the city is a symbol of the people’s victory against colonization which contributed to them winning over the independence of Colombia from the Spanish. Under the leadership of Simon Bolivar, 400 hundred men marched to Venezuela and fought off 800 Spanish soldiers from the Cucuta settlement along the way, thereby securing more support for the movement.

Next, you should head on to Santander Park, which was the site that previously played host to the principal events and public affairs of locals. In the center of the park stands a bronze statue of the General Santander, who was an honorary political and military leader in Colombia. In front of the park is another one of the top tourist attractions in Cucuta, the Cathedral of San Jose, which is one of the more well-known remnants of colonial architecture in the place. Other worthwhile destinations are Colon Park, constructed in honor of Christopher Columbus and Simon Boliver Park, named after the famous icon of freedom.

As a final stopover among the top tourist attractions in Cucuta, you should swing by and spend an afternoon in Unicentro, the city’s most important commercial center. It is located at the intersection of Bogota Avenue Canal and Avenida Libertadores and can easily be accessed by public transportation. It is a young landmark, just launched last 2007. But it draws quite a crowd given its international facilities. Other popular shopping destinations are Ventura Plaza, the largest in Cucuta, and Vivero, which has become a prominent trade store in all of Colombia.


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