House where Francisco José de Paula Santander was born.

Top Reasons To Visit Villa Del Rosario

The top reasons to visit Villa Del Rosario are appealing to many who would desire to get to know Colombia better as a nation. Colombia is a very big country, wherein a quasi-federal system works to designate each territory in an organized manner. Occupied lands are partitioned according to “departments” and with each department having its own capital city.  The Villa Del Rosario is located around North Santander Department and is home to the historical icon whose this department was named after. This Colombian municipality is a welcoming place for tourist and just as safe from conflict as it was before the turbulent formation of this country during the early modern era.

 House where Francisco José de Paula Santander was born.

House where Francisco José de Paula Santander was born.

1. The Park of Greater Colombia is great indeed!

One of the top reasons to visit Villa Del Rosario is simply to tour around the Park of Greater Colombia. This manicured garden is lined with towering palm trees and pale carnation stone tiles that cut through the expansive green grass. In this park lies the House of Santander, the living quarters of the famed hero Francisco de Paula Santander in his first 13 years of stay. In this park also lies the Historic Church, the birthplace of the nation’s Post-Colonial constitution. Whether one visits this place for its history or for its aesthetic design, the Park of Greater Colombia is the first great destination in Villa Del Rosario.

2. More touring: The Historical Tamarind Tree and the Churches

Of all the trees that grow in Villa Del Rosario, only one has peculiarly got the attention of visitors. The Historical Tamarind Tree is where the revolutionary alliance between New Granada deputies and Venezuelan patriots spend their meetings to establish the constitution. Although it is a purely symbolic landmark, it still does provide good shade as it did before. Other landmarks that passed the test of time are its churches. The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary was built in 1771 where one can find an altar with a symbolic painting of the Virgin Mary dressed as a regal aristocrat in fine garb and splendid jewels. It is a perfect place to stop by, especially for Catholics, to offer a moment of prayer after a leisure stroll at the Park of Greater Colombia.

3. An excellent place to study Latin American architecture

Appreciation of arts and architecture can be one of the top reasons to visit Villa Del Rosario. Most structures dedicated to the revolutionary name of Santander have been preserved well enough to retain its late colonial splendor. For many artists, there are distinct patterns in Latin American architecture that bears stark similarity and certain differences in comparison to its mother country Spain. Patrons of the fine arts could be interested in capturing that element.


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