Flag of the town of Los Patios; in North Santander, Colombia.

Top Reasons To Visit Los Patios

The top reasons to visit Los Patios are among the most interesting things a tourist can consider while he or she is traveling somewhere along the Department of Norte de Santander. This part of Colombia has already existed as early as the 17th Century. This town began as an estate or hacienda found by rich locals. The development of these lands soon drew more inhabitants and it then turned into a regional subdivision called corrigemiento before it eventually became a municipality. This land chronicles the triumph of rural expansion and illustrates the earliest examples of real estate development in early modern times. Nowadays many more estates became included in Los Patios municipality.

Flag of the town of Los Patios; in North Santander, Colombia.

Flag of the town of Los Patios; in North Santander, Colombia.

1. Be inspired by three men who had a dream

Following the success story of the pioneers of this municipality is one of the top reasons to visit Los Patios. The three individuals who made Los Patios were namely Carlos Matamoros, Reinaldo Viccini and Juan Aranada. Their agricultural project has enabled the rise of their private estates to become a thriving settlement. People were drawn to work in their farmlands and the effective management. Tourists could learn to appreciate the earliest examples of how individuals can make a huge difference to a lot of people.

2. Joining the Catholic feasts dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul

St. Peter and Paul were believed to be the principal missionaries of the early Christian church. Every Catholic nation has heard the names of these two great men and many of these nations remember them by commemorating their achievements on a certain day. One can join the locals in their celebration of this important event. Tourists could attend masses along with the spiritually attuned natives or eat, drink, and dance to the beat of the streets.

3. Visit the Florentina Salas Park and other public recreations

If there is one good reason to have a list of top reasons to visit Los Patios, it is because of the good-looking manicured square and memorials dedicated to their historical icons. The Florentina Salas Park is dedicated to a female freedom fighter that died as a martyr during the turbulent days of Colombia’s transition to modernization. Another interesting landmarks to see Santa Cruz Monument and the Eduardo Cote Lamus Park, a plaza dedicated to the region’s celebrated academic.

4. Witness the local cattle-ranching and salt mining

Today’s top industries depended mostly on advanced mechanical systems. For many of the tourists who grew up around these advanced industries, simple ways of doing things might be a subject of fascination for them. If such is the case then travelers with deeper fascination for more knowledge can definitely witness how locals do cattle-ranching and salt mining in Los Patios. In some ways, this can be considered an escape to their familiar realities.


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