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Top Tourist Attractions In Minca

The top tourist attractions in Minca are very few. There are only three of them, to be exact, since it is a rather small village. Minca is located in Santa Marta, a port and major tourist destination in the Department of Magdalena, Colombia. It overlooks the city from a height of 650 meters. It can be reached via a colectivo but not before taking a 45-minute ride from Estacion de Minca across a bumpy dirt road. While it has relatively little to offer, Minca is a magical place that will dazzle you with its panoramic views of the sea and Santa Marta. The journey up the peaceful town may be tiring but it guarantees a rewarding experience for those who decide to venture it.

Channel-billed Toucan

Channel-billed Toucan

1. Casa Loma Hostal

Accommodations for both luxury and budget travelers are available at Casa Loma Hostal. It is further up from Minca, perching on a steep hill. It provides even better views than the village itself due to its location. Travelers can choose from hamocks, the dormitory, and private rooms for their stay. Prices range from 12,000 to 80,000 each night. You can also set camp around the Tayrona ceremonial stone circle which is even higher up than the hostal. While it generally has a backpacker atmosphere, Casa Loma Hostel serves amazing food and chilled beers while playing good music in the background.

2. Luz’s Restaurant

The restaurant is run by a friendly Colombian couple. Since locals often frequent it, it is considered part of the top tourist attractions in Minca. The restaurant has no sign but it is the orange-painted building right across Iglesia. It has a menu plastered on the wall, something that you can’t miss. For just 11,000 pesos you can eat a hearty meal consisting of beef, chicken, or pork paired with fries and a delicious salad covered with jugo. This is a great price for Colombian standards.

3. Oscar’s Place

The ecological farm is the last among the top tourist attractions in Minca, Santa Marta. Like the Casa Loma Hostel, it is perched on a ridge with breathtaking vistas. Amenities include a pool along the ridge and open-air sleeping quarters that are nonetheless luxurious. These accommodations are surrounded by fruit trees and flowers. Apart from these open-air rooms, there are also hammocks, dorm rooms, and private rooms available for guests. The lack of publicity means that Oscar’s Place is unknown to most tourists. There aren’t even signs available that lead to it.


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