Santa Marta Cathedral

Top Reasons to Visit Santa Marta

Being the capital city of District of Magdalena, undeniably the top reasons to visit Santa Marta won’t also fail to seize your hearts. Santa Marta isn’t just a place favorable for leisure and breathtaking adventures but overall one of the most-sought-after tourist destinations in Colombia due to its strategic setting linking Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Caribbean Sea.

The Santa Marta Cathedral is principally the most ancient basilica in South America which was created way back in the mid-1600 era by Governor Don Andres Perez to oppose Engineer Don Juan Cayetano’s campaign in commencing a Renaissance-inspired design construction of the church. This church has been a perfect embodiment of the strength Santa Marta exudes after it has withstood numerous assaults from English and French colonizers which took a toll on the lives of its people. Indeed the church has been one of the historical landmarks that Santa Maria takes pride of given its renowned memoirs from war including it as one of the top reasons to visit Santa Marta.

Santa Marta Cathedral

Santa Marta Cathedral

Another noteworthy attraction to see in Santa Marta is Museo de Oro (The Gold Museum). The museum is a stunning manor refurbished in the style of a hacienda known as Casa de la Aduana. The mansion was primarily a Customs House hosting a wide anthology of gold and earthenware from the locals of Kogi. The museum also contains a diorama of “Lost City” which is undeniably fascinating to see of you happen to also visit the renowned city. Recently however, it was reported that Museo de Oro has already transferred to Santa Marta’s Banco de la Republica lying amidst Carrera 1 and the Aduana just on the same area of the Parque Bolivar.

If you want to complete your experience with the top reasons to visit Santa Marta then Taganga is the ideal place to immerse yourself.  Taganga is a fishing rural community with a cove perfectly outlining that of a horseshoe making an exceptionally picturesque view of the sunsets. Originally, it was deemed to be a paradise half a century ago when it was first discovered however because of too much commercialization it has somewhat loss its natural beauty. Additionally, the place has been the principal campsite for a mainstream of tourists who plan to explore Santa Marta’s parks and La Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) because of its accessibility. More often than not, small buses pass the direction of Carerra 1C in Santa Marta which heads to Taganga Village with a travel time of only about 15 minutes.


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