Cabo de la Vela

Top Tourist Attractions In La Guajira

If you want a pleasure trip to one of the best vacations spots in Colombia then you better visit the top tourist attractions in La Guajira. Its pristine beaches and natural sites will certainly fascinate you. It is found at the northeast side of Columbia fronting the Caribbean Sea that’s why if you go there expect to see a lot of stunning beaches.

One of the top tourist attractions in La Guajira is the Cabo de la Vela. It is not for those wanting to unwind on posh hotels and resorts because what it offers you is a peaceful and simple way of relaxation. Getting there is not easy but the place is worthy of your trip for you will be greeted with a startling scenery, beautiful waters and a great view of the sunset.

Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela

Don’t forget Uribia because it is the best place to get Wayuu handicrafts and garments. The best time to visit Uribia is during May where there is an annual Wayuu Indian festival.  Afterwards you can go to Manaure which is just near Uribia. It is home to a lot of flamingoes and you get to see much of them along the coastlines for the months of September to November. If that is not to your liking then you can visit interesting salt plains or mines.

If you want a different environment then you should go to Punta Gallinas. You can go there by car or by boat. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a desert landscape of vast bays and bare beaches. The place is quite eye-catching so staying a few days wouldn’t hurt especially if you are into wind surfing.

Beach activities can be quite tiring sometimes that’s why if you feel like trying something new then a trip to Makuira National Park is a must. Located near the town of Nazareth, Makuira National Park is just the right place to have an adventure-packed holiday. You can also stay for a night or two because hiking takes quite some time but for sure it is definitely worth the wait once you get to your destination and see the spectacular scenery. There are tours too that can be arranged for hiking trips and if you stay there for a night you might as well try sleeping in the hammocks which is also a great wildlife experience.

Traveling is very enjoyable more so if you are satisfied with the place that you are visiting that’s why if you plan to tour Columbia you should never forget visiting the top tourist attractions in La Guajira. It is home to a lot of beaches not to mention natural attractions that will captivate you. Just plan your trip ahead of time so that you wouldn’t waste your time looking for the best places to go to but most definitely once you get there it will certainly be a great vacation.


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