Beachfront in Riohacha, Colombia

Top Reasons To Visit Riohacha

The top reasons to visit Riohacha are something tourists are considering extensively. Truth can be told that this is the part of Colombia which does not attract that much attention from the media. For better or worse it does not reach the attention of many people abroad. However, there are some veteran travelers who have visited Riohacha more than once and can attest some good points about the place being a conventional choice for tourism. One can safely say that this region is still trying to gain some visibility in the world media. The good reasons for visiting Riohacha are the following:

1. Learning to treasure water as a precious resource

This may not be one of the top reasons to visit Riohacha for many conventional travelers who are after comfort and luxury. However this is a valuable lesson not always taught in college in a very intrinsic way. With many people from high end cities taking for granted the easily accessible supply of water, meticulous tourists can often receive an advisory from the tourism department that water shortages are rampant. However, some tourists learn of it the hard way. At the very least when one returns home he or she could feel a sense of gratitude for a blessed environment, or feel admiration for the locals in Riohacha who have adapted well to the basic difficulties of semi-desert coastal terrain.

Beachfront in Riohacha, Colombia

Beachfront in Riohacha, Colombia

2. Strolling the length of quiet beaches

Riohacha’s most crowded civilization lies at the coastal areas and its highways stretched throughout the extensive length of the Caribbean seashore. Quiet beaches are just the perfect remedy for jaded tourists whose souls are battered by the loudness and hyperactivity of the oppressive concrete jungle. Riohacha’s beaches are relatively less crowded compared to other celebrated resorts in Colombia. Finding solace will allow a person to gain emotional equilibrium. Thus one can begin seeking livelier entertainment smoothly after a fulfilling retrospective stroll.

3. The easiest route to Cabo de La Vela and back

For many people who are experienced in roaming around Colombia, one of their top reasons for visiting Riohacha is simply because it is the gateway to Cabo de La Vela – a livelier and much more prestigious tourist hub that has already reached the enthusiastic ears of free-spirited foreigners. Riohacha is the nearest neighboring city of this more commercialized destination. However, knowing the infamous crime rate of Cabo de La Vela, Riohacha may prove to be a refuge for those who simply had enough of the wild party.


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