Albizia saman (Samanea saman) a type of tree found in Colombia

Top Tourist Attractions In Chia

The top tourist attractions in Chía are well worth a visit if you’re staying in Bogotá. Chía is a town located right outside the Colombian capital, in the Department of Cundinamarca. Chía is just 2.7 km from Bogotá and a short daytrip away. It is often regarded as a suburb of the capital due to its location but it’s an entirely different place that has its own tourist spots.

Albizia saman (Samanea saman) a type of tree found in Colombia

Albizia saman (Samanea saman) a type of tree found in Colombia

Universidad de La Sabana

The university is one of the most prestigious schools throughout Colombia and it is tucked in Chía, approximately 7 km away from Bogotá. Founded in 1979 it doubles as a historic attraction.

Andres Carne de Res

The bar, grill, and restaurant has a lively atmosphere that will get you moving and shaking. It is an exceptional place to spend and enjoy the night in Chía. It is adorned by unique decors and the vibe is truly amazing. You can start your night at Andres Carne de Res with dinner and party until the wee hours of the morning. Make sure that you grab refreshments while you party, especially local drinks.

Panama Farm

Families that have kids with them can visit Panama Farm, one of the top tourist attractions in Chía. Animals endemic to Colombia are cared for in the farm.

Centro Comercial Chía

The Chía Commercial Center is a shopping mall. It may not be a good place to see and experience town’s culture and history but you get to enjoy modern comforts like shopping or dining here.

Puente del Comun

This is perhaps the best among the top tourist attractions in Chía. It is a historical landmark that town tourists cannot afford to miss. It originates from the late 18th century and was the work of Viceroy José de Ezpeleta. Puente del Comun translates to “common bridge” in English but it isn’t ordinary by any means.

The bridge is 30 km from Bogotá and spans for 32 meters. Its vaults are 6 meters thick and it has a height of about 7 feet. It is notable for its five arches, each 6 feet away. Puente del Comun is built out of brick and stone and cost Colombia $100,000 to build.


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