Valley of the Sinu river

Top Tourist Attractions in Monteria

From the moment the top tourist attractions in Monteria, Colombia was exposed and took over by the Spaniards, the city has gained the epithet of The Pearl of River Sinu to the natives. The city is perhaps one of the most unique cities in the country when it comes to customs and trade and industry ventures. Furthermore, the city’s extraordinary aura is a product combination linking the Spanish inhabitants, African plantation labourers, Zenu Indians and Arab nomads. Such unique mixture resulted to the surfacing of a national emblem, the Vueltiao hat and the native Porro legendary music.

Valley of the Sinu river

Valley of the Sinu river

Monteria’s tactical site alongside the Sinu River paved the flourishing of the middle society way of life that benefits the inhabitants of the city whose source of income solely relies on cotton agriculture and cattle farming. Several of the cattle ranches within the area endorse the esteem of the local cattle commerce through yearly merry making and exhibits of farms animals during June making it as one of the top tourist attractions in Monteria.

During the current setting, Monteria takes pleasure in a metropolitan restoration steer which resulted to the construction of the First Avenue Park next to the banks of Sinu River.  Travelers visiting the town can now lavish on the quaint pavements along the extent of the park which directs to multi-coloured hues of panoramic botanical gardens with a wide array of styles, serene pathways, revitalizing cycling lanes and fascinating bistros. The First Avenue Park is free of access for the whole day without closing time and is highlighted during the evening with vibrantly-coloured street lights that boosts the park’s tropical ambience. An additional top tourist attraction in Monteria to look forward to is the Simon Bolivar Park which functions as a ecosystem reserve for wild monkeys and sloths.

For those who just can’t get enough of the top tourist attractions in Monteria, the city is also an ideal leap point for tourists who would love to explore the innate marvels of the adjoining regions. A matchless mode of transportation for citizens and travelers alike is materialized in a ship structure that is known locally as Planchones. This ferry-type transportation chiefly comprises of rafts made of wood with a route going towards the Sinu River using only the manual cables for pulling. A tour on these local ferries is a cool and suitable means to unwind in the resorts within the areas such as the Playa Blanca. A short sail on the Sinu River also exposes the natural beauty of Bethlehem Island which is famed for its sundry bird species.

Beyond doubt, a meaningful visit to one of the top tourist attractions in Monteria, Colombia can become one of the most unforgettable vacation getaways for everyone who has experienced the journey of unveiling the pristine splendour of a city that lies in a haven by the river.


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