Valledupar and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain in the background.

Top Reasons To Visit Valledupar

Despite the atrocities and tragedies this quaint Colombian city has experienced, the top reasons to visit Valledupar still have not lost its charm on tourists around the world.  From a refreshing dip in its famous dips and watering holes to an interesting indigenous history, arts and culture, every corner holds a surprise that will continue to fascinate every traveller with the hopes of finding something different.

Valledupar and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain in the background.

Valledupar and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain in the background.

So what does Valledupar offer that some equally charming and picturesque neighbouring Colombian cities such as Bogota do not?  Here are some of the top reasons to visit Valledupar:

Reason # 1:  Feel alive with the sound of Vallenato music.  The alluring sound of the accordion fills every corner of the city.  And it gets even better come April during the Vallenato Legend festival.  The week-long festival features Vallenato music contests such as the piquera or the battle of lyrics.  It is certainly a treat to world music lovers all over the world, which makes it one of the top reasons to visit Valledupar.

Reason # 2: Take a nature trip to its ecoparks.  Valledupar is also known as the greenest city in Colombia.  No wonder it is called the “forest city”.  La Besotes Ecopark, one of the famous ecoparks in the city can treat you to a 14 km nature hike, about 250 species of birds and other local flora and fauna.

Reason #3:  Take a refreshing dip on some of their famous watering holes.  Aside from the breath-taking ecoparks, Valledupar is also home to some of the famous watering holes in Colombia, a refreshing alternative to the usual white sand beaches.  The Guatapuri river is frequented by tourists and locals alike.  But be warned, it could get more crowded during the weekends.  But don’t worry, as Valledupar has a lot of watering holes to whet your whistle, such as the Badillo river and the La Mina natural watering facilities.  La Mina is also a sight to behold with its ivory white boulders and crystal clear waters.

Reason #4: Immerse in their indigenous history.  Aside from a breathtaking view of their famous natural watering facilities, La Mina is also home to a historic village, where you can get your fill on indigenous crafts.  Off the border of Valledupar on the way to Santa Marta, pass by Pueblo Bello for a spiritual experience with the Arhuaco people in Nabusimake.  However, as the Arhuaco people are not particularly fond of tourists and being photographed, being trigger-happy with your camera is pretty much discouraged.


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