Purace volcano

Top Reasons To Visit Popayan

The top reasons to visit Popayan will surely never fail to surprise you. Popayan is situated in south-western Colombia and is the capital city of the Cauca department. The capital city is famously known as the “White City or Ciudad Blanca” due to the stunning prehistoric houses encompassing the area.

One of the highlights of the top reasons to visit Popayan is its Holy Week season or more famously known as the Semana Santa tribute. Every night until Good Friday, candles are radiantly lighted along the parades in the narrow roads followed by the kid’s procession the week after. During this time of the year, the Religious Art Museum displays the most valuable works of art of the city’s churches. Also the Universities of Popayan showcase during the commencing of October the annual Festival de Teatro, Encuentro de Cuenteros and the international conference of theater and storytelling which is also a must see. For the rest of the year, theatrical presentations and movies can be viewed at the Centro Cultural Bolivar.

Purace volcano

Purace volcano

Parque Natural de Purace is another inclusion in the top reasons to visit Popayan. It is best to get a professional tour guide to ensure that you get to explore the major attractions within the area such as condor watching, hot springs, waterfalls and an endless breathtaking exhibit of eye-catching vegetation and animals. Access to the park entails a drive way above the central mountain of Colombia over some craggy paths overlooking the breathtaking scenic ambience. At the top, the office of the park is situated where you can pay for your admission and take on an orchid hike or a stroll towards the hot springs. At present, the park isn’t exploited yet so it is best to take advantage of its unsullied and pristine beauty now.

Wandering through the roads of Popayan by foot is also one of the great ways to explore the area and discover some of its historical landmarks and infrastructures such as the Puente de Humilladero and Puente Chiquito prehistoric bridges which offers an enjoyable experience of the sunbeams. Drizzling afternoons can also be spent well in Ciudad Blanca’s nice anthology of museums and churches take for example Casa Negret, Museo Iberoamericano de Arte Moderno as well as Museo de Arte Religioso and Museo de Historia Natural.

Among the other top reasons to visit Popayan are its several attention-grabbing settlements like Silvia and its weekly featured local market. Along the way, a number of tour paths will let you experience visiting the municipalities through walking or horseback riding. Alongside the same route is Paletara which is famous for showcasing trout fishing tournament during October. Paragliding and kite-flying festivities in the breezy month of August are also renowned activities to look forward experiencing in Popayan every year.


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