Tunja, Capital of the Department of Boyacá

Top Reasons To Visit Boyacá

One of the top reasons to visit Boyacá is that it features many facets of Colombia. Its central location means that it shares the natural bounties of surrounding regions. It has lush forests, beautiful lagoons, highlands, snow-capped mountains, and teeming wildlife. But this is just one reason to visit Boyacá as there are many others.

Reason #1: Boyacá is the gateway to Colombia

Buses travel between cities throughout the country. With Boyacá at its middle, the region serves as a gateway to neighboring departments including Santander, Arauca, Casanare, Meta, Cundinimarca, Antioquia, and Caldas. It makes a great starting point for traveling to these places but can also be used as a route for traveling across several borders.

Reason #2: See what “The Land of Freedom”is like

The state played an important role in the liberation of Colombia from colonialists. It had been the site of many battles in the pursuit of freedoom. Colombians, most notably locals of Boyacá take pride in this fact which is why there is a stong sense of nationalism throughout the region. Today’s people are no militia however. Most Boyacá families live in peace and cultivate farmlands; just as what they have been doing in the past hundred years. People are very friendly too and this is one of the top reasons to visit Bocayá. They are warm and hospitable even though they seem reserved.

Tunja, Capital of the Department of Boyacá

Tunja, Capital of the Department of Boyacá

“The Land of Freedom” is thus dominated by an atmosphere of rurality but this isn’t always the case. Unviersity cities like Tunja does liven up the sleepy state. In the backdrop, Boyacá is blessed by nature’s bounties and home to breathtaking sceneries. It also has a historical undertone evidenced by attractions like the Boyacá Bridge National Monument, the exact site where Spanish suffered from defeat in the hands of Simon Bolivar and his troop; winning Colombia its independence.

Reason #3: Marvel at natural wonders

The highlands of Boyacá hold some of the most interesting attractions in the country. One of which is the Oceta Highlands which is green most of the year. Stone City,  a group of natural outcroppings located on the highlands, is one of the top reasons to visit Boyacá. Other notable sites in the region include the Cocuy Mountain Range which has some lagoons, 23 peaks, as well as a multitude of flaura and fauna ranging from rare to common species. A must-see is Tota Lagoon which has a unique ecosystem.

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