Top Reasons To Visit Cartagena

An experienced traveler knows that there should be top reasons to visit Cartagena other than its main attractions. After all, there is more to traveling than just sightseeing. Your overall experience as a tourist must be taken into consideration such as where you’ll be staying, what facilities are available to you, the kind of activities that await you, and of course, the weather. Cartagena, Colombia is a complete package in that it has all these under one roof.

 Santa Cruz Manga Island, Cartagena

Santa Cruz Manga Island, Cartagena

The weather in Cartagena has minimal seasonal variation so you don’t have to wonder when it is best to travel there. Regardless what time it is of the year, you are free to visit this city. Also, Cartagena enjoys one of the best climates throughout Colombia. On sunny days, temperatures often get hot but this is negated by the cool breezes which frequently pass the city. Nights in the city are cooler and more pleasant.

When it comes to accommodations, there is enough variety for travelers with different budgets. The wide range of accommodations is one of the top reasons to visit Cartagena. If you’re willing to splurge for a more comfortable stay, there are plenty of luxury hotels in the city. Travelers who want to stretch their limited budget have more affordable hotels and hostels.

San Diego Square

San Diego Square, Cartagena

Truthfully, Cartagena is a beautiful city and is appealing in many ways. Some of its old neighborhoods have Spanish colonial architecture. Pedestrian-friendly streets run throughout the city, allowing you to explore many of its attractions by foot. Walking around for hours will take you to different sights, including the 400 year-old stone walls which surround the colloquial city. Besides sightseeing, Cartagena offers beach activities and horse-driven taxi rides among all the activities you can enjoy there.

When the sun sets, your day is never truly over unless you experience local nightlife. An active nightlife scene is one of the top reasons to visit Cartagena. You can dance with the locals in public squares and outdoor plazas when live music is often played by bands. Dining and drinking in local restaurants and bars is also recommended. Once you’ve had a taste of Cartegana’s nightlife, you can call it a night and retire at your chosen place of stay.


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