View of Guatape, Colombia

Best Time To Visit Guatape

Finding out the best time to visit in Guatape is easy if you have access to information resources like books and the internet. But you should make sure that the references you use are accurate to ensure your vacation to this part of Colombia. Now, some may argue the uselessness of pre-reading your destination since facts change over the years but there is definitely some value to knowing beforehand what travel and destination options you have. Apart from helping you build the right expectations, it also enables you to plan your itineraries well and not miss out on anything. With that said, you should be aware that the best time to visit this town is early in the year since it receives the least amount of rainfall and accommodates sightseeing pursuits.

View of Guatape, Colombia

View of Guatape, Colombia

Now, one of the places you should check out when you’re here is La Piedra Del Penol, a monolithic formation found one kilometre inside the city limits. The stone stands at a height of 2,135 meters and provide a great view of the city, including the hydroelectric dam of Penol-Guatape. It was recorded to have been first climbed back in 1954 by the locals and was formally developed in 2006 through the combined effort of Luis Villegas, Pedro Nel Ramirez and Ramon Diaz, who fixed sticks against the rock’s wall. Today, the top of the rock is reachable via 740 steps and is occupied by a handful of shops that sell handicrafts, postcards as well as refreshments. The best time to visit in Guatape for this would be early in the morning since the heat would not be as menacing as it would be in the afternoon. Yes, the evening also does provide a stunning view. But the climb might prove to be quite dangerous to the inexperienced in the cloak of darkness.

To add to this National Monument, you could also check out two monasteries in town that are run by the Benedictines. They are very welcoming so don’t worry about being intrusive to their privacy. Just make sure that you wear the appropriate clothes. If you’re lucky, you might even get to taste a free sample of their baked goods and preserved products. The lakes and waterfalls within and surrounding the region also extend adventure seekers a few activity options that are bound to spike their adrenalin levels. You can do everything here from ziplining to rock climbing, kayaking and island hopping. But be forewarned that the best time to visit in Guatape for these would be between December and February.

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