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Top Reasons To Visit Saint Elena

If you want to escape the busy streets of Medellín then the top reasons to visit Saint Elena are worth a look. It’s one of the five rural districts in Medellín, Colombia located 10 miles from the city center. It has a total of 17 small villages called veredas within its territory and is bordered by Bello and Copacabana on the north, Guarne and Rionegro on the east, and Envigado on the south. Saint Elena is a charming place and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons for visiting it.

Reason #1: The weather

Medellín is regarded as a “City of Eternal Spring” but if you enjoy cooler weather, Saint Elena is an even better place. Since the town is located on a higher altitude than the city, it enjoys lower temperatures.

Silletera girl

Silletera girl

Reason #2: Siletta Culture

One of the top reasons to visit Saint Elena is the Siletta culture. The combination of pleasant weather and rich soil enabled local farmers to cultivate the land and grow an array of tropical flowers including local varieties. The flower growing industry in Saint Elena eventually gave birth to the practice of flower arrangement called siletta. And the siletta is the heart of the most celebrated festival in Medellin called Feria de Las Flores.

During the Festival of Flowers, the villages of Saint Elena compete against each other with their flower arrangements. Silitteros or flower-growers march downhill from the town with the silettas strapped on their backs. The main event, however, is the parade that takes place in Medellín. You can watch the silettas being made at Saint Elena the night before the parade.

Reason #3: Year-round attractions

Also among the top reasons to visit Saint Elena are the availability of year-round attractions. One of which is the Avri Regional Park. The national park spans for 28,000 acres and extends to Bello, Copacabana, and Envigado; all municipalities of Medellín. The eco park, besides its greenery, is best known for its numerous viewpoints where you can watch the sunset. Birds also thrive within Parque Avri. You can also enjoy different activities in the area including biking, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and camping. Marked trails meander through the park and will take you through lakes, the forest, and spectacular scenic views.


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