Houses and sidewalk platforms in Leticia, Colombia.

Top Tourist Attractions in Leticia

The top tourist attractions in Leticia are unquestionably the perfect getaway to explore Amazon’s woodland and rich wildlife reserves. Being the capital of Amazonas and the biggest city in Colombia lying on Peru and Brazil’s boundary, Leticia is truly a great vacation spot to be spellbound by the delight of the natural beauty of the tropical rainforests encompassing the city.

Houses and sidewalk platforms in Leticia, Colombia.

Houses and sidewalk platforms in Leticia, Colombia.

Ethnographic Museum and Library of the Republic Bank is one of the top tourist attractions in Leticia that is a must see. It contains a lot of attention-grabbing materials and knowledge on the various ethnic and aboriginal assemblages that has settled in the region of Colombia. Situated near the heart of the city, a stopover to this top tourist attraction in Leticia is a great chance to trace the links of the sociological heritage of the Amazonian area in Colombia. If fortunate, your trip can be facilitated by a few of the members of the tribal groups that still reside in the area like that of Ticunas o Huitotos. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to visit the museum before you explore the forests to have a better comprehension of the diversity of customs and be equipped with the right knowledge about the things to carefully take note of upon arriving in the native community.

After an interesting tour with the Ethnographic Museum, a visit to the Serpentarium is also a good option to find out about the wonderful and sometimes gigantic and venomous snakes of the forests of Amazon. Also, just near the core of Leticia, the Vivarium Amazonas is a perfect spot for those who are enthusiasts of snakes and a whole lot more of fauna. To find the route towards it, just take a bus ride that heads to Tarapaca and stopover at the kilometre 11. From there you will discover the Tanimboca Reserve which exhibits a minute anthology of live frogs, snakes, lizards and piranhas with the purpose of preserving the endangered ecosystems.

For a more up-close look of the top tourist attractions in Leticia, a tour to Mundo Amazonico Ecological Park would somehow complete your bucket list of the Amazon. This park offers tourists a lot of prevalent flora within the region along with its educational instruction about the therapeutic effects of such plants to many sicknesses. Lying only 15 minutes away from Leticia’s focal point with a tour that usually consumes about three hours of your time, the botanical park is a perfect place to be in awe and be inspired by the beauty of these Amazonian plants. Apart from the educational tour, there are also other activities to delve into such as farming, camping, bird-watching, and food-tasting of some the Amazon’s native delicacies.


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