Vitória Régia, in Amazonas River.

Top Tourist Attractions in Amazonas

Having one of the biggest tropical rainforests and one of the most bountiful rivers in the world is just among the top tourist attractions in Amazonas, Colombia. Amazonas doesn’t just serve as an oasis to a lot of flora and fauna but is also a phenomenal region for the indigenous people who settle in the area and to the vast magnitude of the river which breathes life to the entire ecological system.

Vitória Régia, in Amazonas River.

Vitória Régia, in Amazonas River.

In the department of Colombia, Amazonas’ capital city which is Leticia has served as a point of entry that directs to the enthralling places in the tropical forests of Amazonas, making it as a chief target location for a lot of tourists who wishes to explore the beautiful jungles. Take for example the trail to Tarapaca, a Huitoto Indian settlement which heads to the Tanimboca reserve, a portion of which is a 45 meter elevated stage created in the midst of the trees.

In Tanimboca tourists have the privilege to mount trees as towering as 35 metres and can even glide 80 metres from one tree to another through the stunning forest canopy. River rides are also made available to travellers with guides that could take you to beautiful places you never thought you could see, some are even prohibited to those who have not been yet to the depths of the forest thus making your vacation adventure truly worthwhile.

Another option to explore among the top tourist attractions in Amazonas is the Isla de Los Micos (Monkey Island). Motor boats are accessible from the docks in Leticia to set towards the 450 hectares of Monkey Island which nestles mainly a wide anthology of apes, birds and mammals. It is also feasible to ride a boat to Peruvian settlements of Santa Rosa and Bellavista to get to this well-known Monkey reserve. Alongside the journey you can also come across the Yabari River which has captivating views for wildlife enthusiasts such as black caimans, pink dolphins and the famed Victoria Regia flower lilies.

During your vacation spree set up, don’t forget to drop by in San Martin which is also one of the top tourist attractions in Amazonas. From there, tourists can engage in wood engraving, weaving and basketry activities where the crafts are actually originally created.

Puerto Nariño is another municipality option to visit in Amazonas where travelers can devour on its Amazonian culinary which is mostly made out of gamitana, pirarucu and tucunare fish. What’s more is that its main dishes are usually served along with luscious cakes that are meticulously baked out of cassava flour. Within Puerto Nariño, tours can also be facilitated towards the Tarapoto Lakes where you can go for a dip and witness gray and pink dolphins swim along with you.


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