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Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area, Norte de Santander Colombia

Top Tourist Attractions In North Santander

Bringing together colonial charms and a rich and diverse landscape, the top tourist attractions in North Santander (Norte de Santander) is worth experiencing while you’re there in Colombia.  Bordered by Venezuela to the east and north, and by neighbouring departments:  Santander and Boyaca in the south,  South Santander and Cesar in the east, this haven has a lot to offer, from spectacular rock formations and semi-desert landscapes and colonial architecture.

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area,  Norte de Santander Colombia

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area, Norte de Santander Colombia

Here are some of the highlights you must never miss out when you pass by North Santander:


With its colonial infrastructures and environment, a stroll down the idyllic municipality of Pamplona is like being taken back to the 1800’s.  Pamplona is home to various historical structures which is pivotal in the independence of the municipality.  One such example is the Casa de Doña Agueda Gallardo, where meetings were held before the July 4, 1810 coup.  But today, it is the current location of the Virtual Library of the University of Pamplona.

Other notable establishments in the area are the House of the Royal Treasury, which was once the colonial governor’s residence, and the Colonial House Museum where visitors can view exhibits of historical artefacts as well as enjoy activities such as workshops and artistic and cultural trainings for children.

In addition, Pamplona is also known for their churches.  Notable churches in Pamplona include the Shrine of Humilladero and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

San Jose de Cucuta

Commonly referred to as Cucuta, North Santander’s capital brings the best of both worlds:  old colonial monuments and infrastructures juxtaposed with modern architectures and facilities, making it to the list of top tourist attractions in North Santander.

Some of the best highlights in San Jose de Cucuta are the Monument to the Christ the King, which gives you a breath-taking  view of the entire Cucuta and the various monuments dedicated to the most important people in North Santander, such as the Monument of Santander located in the middle of the Santander square.

Los Estoraques Unique Natural Area Park

Adorned with carved columns, and unique rock formations, the Unique Natural Area Los Estoraques is one of the top tourist attractions in North Santander.  Various columns and figures are formed and sculpted by thousands of years of erosion.

In addition to the unique rock formations and columns, Los estoraques is also home to a plethora of local flora and fauna (albeit a small population due to the fragile ecosystem of the location), natural pools and the Le Teneria stream.

Flag of the town of Los Patios; in North Santander, Colombia.

Top Reasons To Visit Los Patios

The top reasons to visit Los Patios are among the most interesting things a tourist can consider while he or she is traveling somewhere along the Department of Norte de Santander. This part of Colombia has already existed as early as the 17th Century. This town began as an estate or hacienda found by rich locals. The development of these lands soon drew more inhabitants and it then turned into a regional subdivision called corrigemiento before it eventually became a municipality. This land chronicles the triumph of rural expansion and illustrates the earliest examples of real estate development in early modern times. Nowadays many more estates became included in Los Patios municipality.

Flag of the town of Los Patios; in North Santander, Colombia.

Flag of the town of Los Patios; in North Santander, Colombia.

1. Be inspired by three men who had a dream

Following the success story of the pioneers of this municipality is one of the top reasons to visit Los Patios. The three individuals who made Los Patios were namely Carlos Matamoros, Reinaldo Viccini and Juan Aranada. Their agricultural project has enabled the rise of their private estates to become a thriving settlement. People were drawn to work in their farmlands and the effective management. Tourists could learn to appreciate the earliest examples of how individuals can make a huge difference to a lot of people.

2. Joining the Catholic feasts dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul

St. Peter and Paul were believed to be the principal missionaries of the early Christian church. Every Catholic nation has heard the names of these two great men and many of these nations remember them by commemorating their achievements on a certain day. One can join the locals in their celebration of this important event. Tourists could attend masses along with the spiritually attuned natives or eat, drink, and dance to the beat of the streets.

3. Visit the Florentina Salas Park and other public recreations

If there is one good reason to have a list of top reasons to visit Los Patios, it is because of the good-looking manicured square and memorials dedicated to their historical icons. The Florentina Salas Park is dedicated to a female freedom fighter that died as a martyr during the turbulent days of Colombia’s transition to modernization. Another interesting landmarks to see Santa Cruz Monument and the Eduardo Cote Lamus Park, a plaza dedicated to the region’s celebrated academic.

4. Witness the local cattle-ranching and salt mining

Today’s top industries depended mostly on advanced mechanical systems. For many of the tourists who grew up around these advanced industries, simple ways of doing things might be a subject of fascination for them. If such is the case then travelers with deeper fascination for more knowledge can definitely witness how locals do cattle-ranching and salt mining in Los Patios. In some ways, this can be considered an escape to their familiar realities.


House where Francisco José de Paula Santander was born.

Top Reasons To Visit Villa Del Rosario

The top reasons to visit Villa Del Rosario are appealing to many who would desire to get to know Colombia better as a nation. Colombia is a very big country, wherein a quasi-federal system works to designate each territory in an organized manner. Occupied lands are partitioned according to “departments” and with each department having its own capital city.  The Villa Del Rosario is located around North Santander Department and is home to the historical icon whose this department was named after. This Colombian municipality is a welcoming place for tourist and just as safe from conflict as it was before the turbulent formation of this country during the early modern era.

 House where Francisco José de Paula Santander was born.

House where Francisco José de Paula Santander was born.

1. The Park of Greater Colombia is great indeed!

One of the top reasons to visit Villa Del Rosario is simply to tour around the Park of Greater Colombia. This manicured garden is lined with towering palm trees and pale carnation stone tiles that cut through the expansive green grass. In this park lies the House of Santander, the living quarters of the famed hero Francisco de Paula Santander in his first 13 years of stay. In this park also lies the Historic Church, the birthplace of the nation’s Post-Colonial constitution. Whether one visits this place for its history or for its aesthetic design, the Park of Greater Colombia is the first great destination in Villa Del Rosario.

2. More touring: The Historical Tamarind Tree and the Churches

Of all the trees that grow in Villa Del Rosario, only one has peculiarly got the attention of visitors. The Historical Tamarind Tree is where the revolutionary alliance between New Granada deputies and Venezuelan patriots spend their meetings to establish the constitution. Although it is a purely symbolic landmark, it still does provide good shade as it did before. Other landmarks that passed the test of time are its churches. The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary was built in 1771 where one can find an altar with a symbolic painting of the Virgin Mary dressed as a regal aristocrat in fine garb and splendid jewels. It is a perfect place to stop by, especially for Catholics, to offer a moment of prayer after a leisure stroll at the Park of Greater Colombia.

3. An excellent place to study Latin American architecture

Appreciation of arts and architecture can be one of the top reasons to visit Villa Del Rosario. Most structures dedicated to the revolutionary name of Santander have been preserved well enough to retain its late colonial splendor. For many artists, there are distinct patterns in Latin American architecture that bears stark similarity and certain differences in comparison to its mother country Spain. Patrons of the fine arts could be interested in capturing that element.



Top Tourist Attractions In Cucuta

The top tourist attractions in Cucuta, Colombia are mostly history related, given its role in the first European excursions. In search of the famed El Dorado, Spanish inquisitors took over many of the settlements surrounding Magdalena River and established them as colonies – Cucuta being one of them. And because of its landlocked geography, there are not that many water-related destinations to look forward to. But that does not make the place any less interesting. Just to note, to the east, the metropolis is bordered by Venezuela and Puerto Santander, while to the north, there is Tibu. On the west, the cities of El Zulia and San Cayetano can be found. And at the south, there’s Villa del Rosario, Los Patios, and Bochalema.



If it is your first time to visit Cucuta, then you should see to it that you check out the monument of the Battle of Cucuta as this would give you a greater appreciation of the town’s transformation. Standing on a small hill, overlooking the city is a symbol of the people’s victory against colonization which contributed to them winning over the independence of Colombia from the Spanish. Under the leadership of Simon Bolivar, 400 hundred men marched to Venezuela and fought off 800 Spanish soldiers from the Cucuta settlement along the way, thereby securing more support for the movement.

Next, you should head on to Santander Park, which was the site that previously played host to the principal events and public affairs of locals. In the center of the park stands a bronze statue of the General Santander, who was an honorary political and military leader in Colombia. In front of the park is another one of the top tourist attractions in Cucuta, the Cathedral of San Jose, which is one of the more well-known remnants of colonial architecture in the place. Other worthwhile destinations are Colon Park, constructed in honor of Christopher Columbus and Simon Boliver Park, named after the famous icon of freedom.

As a final stopover among the top tourist attractions in Cucuta, you should swing by and spend an afternoon in Unicentro, the city’s most important commercial center. It is located at the intersection of Bogota Avenue Canal and Avenida Libertadores and can easily be accessed by public transportation. It is a young landmark, just launched last 2007. But it draws quite a crowd given its international facilities. Other popular shopping destinations are Ventura Plaza, the largest in Cucuta, and Vivero, which has become a prominent trade store in all of Colombia.