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Satellite view of Punta Gallinas and Guajira Peninsula

Top Reasons To Visit Punta Gallinas

The top reasons to visit Punta Gallinas might not be a hard list to fill in one’s travel notebook if deserts would give a bad impression for a holiday site. But Punta Gallinas might prove desert-haters wrong once they finally arrived at the area. One may say that not all paradises are made of thick foliage that fosters a plethora of overgrown plant life. The Punta Gallinas might be one of the most unique topographies of Colombia since this country is known for its greenery. This region’s uniqueness alone could captivate many offbeat travellers who come for a unique vacation experience. This headland location might have earned a comical moniker that meant “Cape Chicken” in Spanish, but outdoor adventures in this dry region is no chicken feed. Tourists planning to stay in Punta Gallinas should up their physical condition.

Satellite view of Punta Gallinas and Guajira Peninsula

Satellite view of Punta Gallinas and Guajira Peninsula

1. Rough exhilarating 4-wheel drag race

Perhaps one of the strangest causes among the top reasons to visit Punta Gallinas is to find out how true is the ferocious reputation of the terrain. Since Punta Gallinas is greatly deprived of a proper infrastructure, the entire vast land area is accessible only via a rugged 4-wheel drive. This vehicle is built to imitate the durability of the army land rover, but one may be alarmed to find out that in the middle of the journey its wheels can even break down. Adventurous travellers will be totally thrilled to consider this an adrenaline-packed journey.

2. Serenity in the sand dunes

After crossing a considerable mileage throughout La Guajira Department’s hostile terrain, one may be pleased to know that the rough rides often end at the smooth expanse of the desert dunes. The landscape is a breath taking sight, seemingly an imitation of a caramel-coloured zebra pattern sprawled throughout the entire coastal area of Punta Gallinas. An aerial view might prove to be even twice more magnificent. Travellers ought to avoid missing the chance to take some panoramic photographs worthy of a polished wooden frame.

3. Can you handle the sea kayaking?

Farther from the velvety dunes of the western dry coast is the sea shore. One of the top reasons to visit Punta Gallinas is the kind of thrill that the steep beaches can offer its adventurous tourists. It is here that most locals haul a very marvellous catch. It is not surprising for audacious tourists to imitate the hard way the natives catch fish – braving the gargantuan gales. Some may call it madness, while other will call it another wild ride. These waters are so fierce that visitor foresight is advised.

4. Meeting the Wayuu desert people

The Wayuu people are unique natives in Colombia strewn all over the entire country. Many of them lived in Punta Gallinas. One thing that fascinates visitors about them is that they can be role models of human resilience in the wild. Adventurous travellers who wished to optimize their sense of resourcefulness could learn a lot from these robust locals.

Cabo de la Vela

Top Tourist Attractions In Cabo de la Vela

If you don’t mind not having the luxury of sleeping in an air-conditioned room, and waking up to a continental breakfast buffet in a 5-star hotel, then check out the top tourist attractions in Cabo de la Vela.  This paradise off the beaten path for most travelers in Colombia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  Despite being off the tourism radar due to its inaccessibility (almost), those who have endured the literally pain-in-the-butt bus rides and the absence of 5 star accommodations only have praises for this tourist destination.

Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Cabo de la Vela:

El Pilon de Acuzar

Upon reaching Cabo de la Vela, one can simply marvel and take a dip in the beaches of Cabo de la Vela itself and relax by the hammocks after a day of swimming and maybe, kite surfing.  Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can walk along and explore the coastline of Cabo de la Vela for more hidden beaches and tide pools.

One of the most popular “hidden beaches” and top tourist attractions in Cabo de la Vela is the El Pizon de Acuzar.  Be prepared to marvel at an out-of-this-world landscape, where the desert meets the sea.  The golden sands and the rock formations are a perfect place for swimming and trekking.

According to local legends, El Pilon de Acuzar is where the souls of the dead go.  But the place is a slice of heaven, even for the living.  And if you explore a little further, you can find other treasures such as the Ojo de Agua, a natural saltwater pool.

Cerro Kamachi

This pyramid-like hill near El Pizon de Acuzar is sacred to the Wayuu people.  Atop the hill, a small, stone shrine to the Virgin Mary was built and adorned with Wayuu wristbands.

Climbing to the top of Cerro Kamachi gives you a panoramic view of the Caribbean coastline of Colombia as well as Colombia’s first wind farm in Medellin.

Laguna de Utta

Between El Pizon de Acuzar and the main village of Cabo de la Vela is the Laguna de Utta, a secluded lagoon.  This lagoon is home to some of the local waterfowls such as flamingos, herons and sandpipers.  Depending on the time of the year, Laguna de Utta is a great place to go bird watching.


Cabo de la Vela

Top Tourist Attractions In La Guajira

If you want a pleasure trip to one of the best vacations spots in Colombia then you better visit the top tourist attractions in La Guajira. Its pristine beaches and natural sites will certainly fascinate you. It is found at the northeast side of Columbia fronting the Caribbean Sea that’s why if you go there expect to see a lot of stunning beaches.

One of the top tourist attractions in La Guajira is the Cabo de la Vela. It is not for those wanting to unwind on posh hotels and resorts because what it offers you is a peaceful and simple way of relaxation. Getting there is not easy but the place is worthy of your trip for you will be greeted with a startling scenery, beautiful waters and a great view of the sunset.

Cabo de la Vela

Cabo de la Vela

Don’t forget Uribia because it is the best place to get Wayuu handicrafts and garments. The best time to visit Uribia is during May where there is an annual Wayuu Indian festival.  Afterwards you can go to Manaure which is just near Uribia. It is home to a lot of flamingoes and you get to see much of them along the coastlines for the months of September to November. If that is not to your liking then you can visit interesting salt plains or mines.

If you want a different environment then you should go to Punta Gallinas. You can go there by car or by boat. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a desert landscape of vast bays and bare beaches. The place is quite eye-catching so staying a few days wouldn’t hurt especially if you are into wind surfing.

Beach activities can be quite tiring sometimes that’s why if you feel like trying something new then a trip to Makuira National Park is a must. Located near the town of Nazareth, Makuira National Park is just the right place to have an adventure-packed holiday. You can also stay for a night or two because hiking takes quite some time but for sure it is definitely worth the wait once you get to your destination and see the spectacular scenery. There are tours too that can be arranged for hiking trips and if you stay there for a night you might as well try sleeping in the hammocks which is also a great wildlife experience.

Traveling is very enjoyable more so if you are satisfied with the place that you are visiting that’s why if you plan to tour Columbia you should never forget visiting the top tourist attractions in La Guajira. It is home to a lot of beaches not to mention natural attractions that will captivate you. Just plan your trip ahead of time so that you wouldn’t waste your time looking for the best places to go to but most definitely once you get there it will certainly be a great vacation.


Beachfront in Riohacha, Colombia

Top Reasons To Visit Riohacha

The top reasons to visit Riohacha are something tourists are considering extensively. Truth can be told that this is the part of Colombia which does not attract that much attention from the media. For better or worse it does not reach the attention of many people abroad. However, there are some veteran travelers who have visited Riohacha more than once and can attest some good points about the place being a conventional choice for tourism. One can safely say that this region is still trying to gain some visibility in the world media. The good reasons for visiting Riohacha are the following:

1. Learning to treasure water as a precious resource

This may not be one of the top reasons to visit Riohacha for many conventional travelers who are after comfort and luxury. However this is a valuable lesson not always taught in college in a very intrinsic way. With many people from high end cities taking for granted the easily accessible supply of water, meticulous tourists can often receive an advisory from the tourism department that water shortages are rampant. However, some tourists learn of it the hard way. At the very least when one returns home he or she could feel a sense of gratitude for a blessed environment, or feel admiration for the locals in Riohacha who have adapted well to the basic difficulties of semi-desert coastal terrain.

Beachfront in Riohacha, Colombia

Beachfront in Riohacha, Colombia

2. Strolling the length of quiet beaches

Riohacha’s most crowded civilization lies at the coastal areas and its highways stretched throughout the extensive length of the Caribbean seashore. Quiet beaches are just the perfect remedy for jaded tourists whose souls are battered by the loudness and hyperactivity of the oppressive concrete jungle. Riohacha’s beaches are relatively less crowded compared to other celebrated resorts in Colombia. Finding solace will allow a person to gain emotional equilibrium. Thus one can begin seeking livelier entertainment smoothly after a fulfilling retrospective stroll.

3. The easiest route to Cabo de La Vela and back

For many people who are experienced in roaming around Colombia, one of their top reasons for visiting Riohacha is simply because it is the gateway to Cabo de La Vela – a livelier and much more prestigious tourist hub that has already reached the enthusiastic ears of free-spirited foreigners. Riohacha is the nearest neighboring city of this more commercialized destination. However, knowing the infamous crime rate of Cabo de La Vela, Riohacha may prove to be a refuge for those who simply had enough of the wild party.