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Cathedral, Our Lady of Lourdes in the Plaza San Francisco.

Top Reasons To Visit Florencia

Despite the fact that there are other more popular cities in Colombia’s district, the top reasons to visit Florencia won’t disappoint its tourists. Florencia is the capital metropolis of Colombia’s Department of Caqueta and is the most influential city in the southeast portion of Colombia due to its rich populace and heritage. It is situated near the Hacha River and is fundamentally the core of the Colombian Amazon owing to its abundant wildlife.

One of the famed parks which make it to the top reasons to visit Florencia is La Selva de Florencia (The Jungle Florence). It is one of Colombia’s newest park reserves which lie in the heart of the mountain ranges of the Andean region encompassing Caldas’ Department. Officially it was recognized as a safe-guarded sanctuary in 2005. At present, it is deemed as one of the parks which significantly play an important role in the department’s progress. More often than not, the park experiences sultry weather paving the way for the growth of biodiversities such as the Andean cloud forest, montane rainforest, premontane rainforest and the lower montane rain forest.

Cathedral, Our Lady of Lourdes in the Plaza San Francisco.

Cathedral, Our Lady of Lourdes in the Plaza San Francisco.

This small portion of the region has the densest populace of frogs in the country with the emphasis of having the most diverse genus of frogs comprising a rough estimate of about 70 percent. Moreover, the park is a component of the breaking point of the Saman Sur (South Saman) and La Miel (Honey) rivers which are offshoots of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes is one of the must-tour churches in Colombia. It is a Roman Catholic veneration sanctified for Virgin Mary in the designation of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is situated on the western region of Plaza San Francisco de Asis which is one of the top reasons to visit Florencia. The cathedral is the primary church of the archdiocese of Florencia owing to the cathedral’s stunning Gothic-inspired Republican design which is ornamented with 3 naves finishing in arches and pyramids with stained glass windowpanes. The church however draws more attention to its Our Lady of Lourdes grotto which was still imported from Italy. It conducts regular spiritual services every day with the power to hold up to 600 people.