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Chinchina town square, Caldas Colombia

Top Reasons To Visit Chinchina

The top reasons to visit Chinchina are few and far in between. However, there is no denying that the little it has to offer as far as tourism go are rich and beautiful; probably the most appealing in all of Colombia. As a municipality in the Caldas department, it’s very easy to form conclusions of what a guest could look forward to during her visit. But then again, as with any destination, there is more to Chinchina than meets the eye so it would be best to keep an open mind about it. For instance, it is known as Colombia’s coffee heart, having the land cultivated as plantations in the 1800’s. Today, it serves as home to the Buendia coffee factory and Cenicafe, one of the oldest and most prominent coffee research center and produce in all of the nation.

Chinchina town square, Caldas Colombia

Chinchina town square, Caldas Colombia

In addition to that, another one of the top reasons to visit Chinchina is  Colina del Sol, a coffee finca that’s set on top of a hill. Apart from the peaceful surroundings, this point of interest also offers a spectacular scenery of town as well as a great workout. Of course, it’s not unusual for it to be close to the public knowing that it is a private property. But there are means for you to set up a tour appointment with the owner. Local hotels usually have the managements number.

To give you more adrenalin pumping action, you could also head on out to Nevado del Ruiz, or Kumanday, and climb up to the caldera of this volcano, located at the border of Caldas and Tolima. It is just 129 kilometers from Bogota. So it’s a pretty convenient pit stop before you move on to other places. Sure, it might be quite dangerous to explore its surroundings given the unpredictability of this highlight. But considering that it is well monitored by folks at the Los Nevados National Park, to which it is a part of along with other top reasons to  visit Chinchina, it makes sense for you to take your chance and develop a better appreciation of the environment as well as the wildlife it harbors.

Chinchiná, Caldas

Top Reasons To Visit Caldas

The top reasons to visit Caldas are not difficult to enumerate, as contrary as it may seem for outsiders who have a relatively familiar perspective of what Colombia is. Internal conflict between the government and the local terrorist groups (specifically the FARC) may have reached the attention of global news media and international watchers, but in this very vast territory some areas truly deserve to be vindicated by these kinds of stereotypes. Caldas is among the regions in Colombia that truly captured the hearts of a number of conventional tourists, especially its famous city of Manizales. There are indeed excellent reasons to visit one of the famous territories of the “Coffee Axis of Colombia”.

Chinchiná, Caldas

Chinchiná, Caldas

1. The City of Open Doors sounds very positive

Manizales, the capital city of Caldas, carries the title of “City of Open Doors”. With over 450 thousand inhabitants, tourists are in no exception to this open invitation. Every outsider is encouraged to experience the colorful sights and sounds of this city. The honking of vehicles, musty smell of traffic and the feel of the heat in the crowded streets are nothing like the dreary frantic realities of the concrete jungle that city people try to temporarily escape from. January, the noisiest month of the year, will put some fiery energy into the gray lives of jaded tourists. The bullfighting festival proves to be the highlight of January’s revelry.

2. Appreciating horses to a whole new level

March is another month in the calendar to mark for tourists who plan to visit the region of Caldas. For tourists with an exceptional degree of fascination with horses, one of the top reasons to visit Caldas is the annual Equine Exposition Fair. From mustang to appaloosas, the Equine Exposition Fair every March shall bedazzle horse lovers around the world with their extensive list of equestrian delegates.

3. Let’s join the International Coffee Competition!

Caldas is not considered one of the “Coffee Axis of Colombia” for nothing. Writers, secretaries, accountants, web designers, teachers and many more clerical professionals can be caffeine junkies and tourists at the same time. From coffee tasting festivities to international coffee beauty pageants, Caldas is home to Colombia’s proverbial International Coffee Competition.

4. The University of Caldas: an academic’s Mecca

One of the top reasons to visit Caldas also appeals to the very astute and scholarly pursuits, aside from the hedonistic interests catered by loud festivals. Within the University of Caldas campus rests the Museum of Natural History. This institution contains one of the best collections of butterflies in South America enough to excite the naturalists for an entire day. Aside from natural science, history also has a place in the Anthropological museum housing over 3,500 pieces of Pre-Colombian works of art made by the famous Quimbaya people. Technology-wise, the Botanical Gardens pride itself with eye-candy greenhouse complexes, an arboretum and a meteorological station to fascinate contemporary botanists and herbalists.